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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 01/11/19--12:17: forgot windows password
  • how do i reset my windows password


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  • 01/11/19--12:32: pavilion 15 is too slow.
  • Looking for some help with a new pavilion 15-ck002np that is EXTREMELY slow.  It takes a very long time to boot or execute any operations.  Like several minutes just to boot up, then I get a blue circle for several more minutes before I can open an programs.  All programs load very slowly.  Web browsing is also very, very slow.  Just loading takes 10-15 seconds.  


    For comparison to my lenovo was able to boot, load a web page, buy some ferry tickets, print them and shut down before this computer even finished loading into Windows.  


    I've performed a host of recommended troubleshooting steps with no improvement.  I disabled the McAfee security for Windows Defender, also with no improvement. I did factory reset for the windows to clean everything as well but doesnt help. if there's any idea or may be i can expand memory or change the hdd to ssd. pls suggest something

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    I forgot the password to unlock bios

    Code: [i 74134788]

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    I've been trying to get my machine to boot in the Win 10 install with no luck. I installed a new 256GB Samsung PM961 OEM M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD Solid State Drive MZ-VLW2560 960 into my HP Omen 15 5010NR laptop, created a Win 10 USB key, was able to boot into the Win 10 USB, the installation recognized my SSD and I was able to successfully complete the Win 10 installation. Upon restarting the PC, the machine never sees the SSD in boot manager and I'm unable to get to Windows.


    - BIOS Version F.45 (InsydeH20 Rev. 3.7) latest available from HP for my model

    - Laptop Factory OS was 8.1 per BIOS

    - Disabled Secure Boot no luck

    - Also tried with Legacy Support (CSM) enabled, no luck


    If I use the Win 10 key to boot to the repair tools and use command prompt, I can see the partitions created. Tried all kinds of bootrec, bcdedit commands based on Google.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello Forum,

    I have a brand new Spectre (detachable tablet/keyboard) and the heat level is very high.  When it's charging, it's so hot thst it's uncomfortable to hold.  I have adjusted power and battery settings - this helps on battery mode, so far.  I use Chrome mostly, and do not have many other apps loaded or open. Any other suggestions before I return it out of frustration? Thanks!


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  • 01/11/19--18:07: Complete Reset
  • HELP PLEASE! I just turned on my laptop  I haven't used it in sometime but was planning to wipe it and do a full reset then almost immediately on the screen a message came up I have never seen before on any laptop or computer I don't exactly remember what it said but it had something to do with rebooting it so I hit reboot thinking that was my best option to completely reset it but instead I get Enter Administrator Password Or Power On Password and I do not remember my Administrator Password and have no clue what a Power On Password is. PLEASE HELP ANY WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Need's to be completely reset for work related issues 15472582996933322075884366302191.jpg

     Enter Administrator Password Or Power On Password 

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    Short DST: FAILED





    Hard Disk 1


    I couldn't find the failure ID on the internet. What does it mean?

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    My laptop just randomly started glitching when i put in the charger. It goes in an out without stopping. Thought it was my power cord so i bought a new one and it still does the same. I dont know if ots the battery since I camt remove it. 

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    How to convert Outlook Express to MS Outlook. Many types of tool available in the market but not properly working. Many tools provide two and four mail conversion. Manually conversion is a very long process. If you know about any other tool, please suggest me.

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  • 01/12/19--00:48: Warranty Denied, Recourse?
  • Bought in October, had issues with compatibility from the start, recently it crashed for no apparent reason, then during the system restore, the power completely failed when I plugged in a PD 3.0 certified charging cable. Will not turn on or show any signs of life. HP sent me a box to return as it is under warranty, I ordered an M.2 to USB adapter from Amazon to recover a few crucial files that were not backed up, had to open the case to access. Recovered the files, put everything back together except the rubber on the bottom that has to be removed for screw access, HP refuses to honor warranty because I opened it for SSD recovery, after the fact it had already crashed. Wouldn't even open it up to properly diagnose. Is that just how it is with them? Any recourse or suggestions? They don't seem to sell the motherboards aftermarket, and demanded over $400 to take a look at it. Seems ridiculous, don't know what to do.

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  • 01/12/19--02:32: Unlock Bios - Please help me
  • Product: hp notebook
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)
    Same problem, system disabled, error code
                 [ i  85708096 ]
    please help me

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    Please help me forgot the BIOS numberkljk.jpg

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    Just bought a new laptop from Ebuyer. 11/01/2019


    Set it up OK and then went through some of the software as you do.


    Had a look at 'Jump Start' as I'd not seen that before.


    Checked the warranty on the machine and it comes up with 9 months remaining ???? Why ????

    I was under the impression you got 12 months warranty on a new device.

    --------------------------- HERE ARE THE DETAILS-----------lAPTOP FIRST SET UP ON 12/01/2019

    Warranty status details for your product: Active
    Check another product
    Serial Number CND83808HN
    Product Number 3QM23EA
    HP manufacturer/base warranty
    Warranty type Manufacturer Warranty
    Service type Wty: HP HW Maintenance Offsite Support
    Status Active: Covered under Manufacturer warranty, 9 months remaining.
    Start Date September 21, 2018
    End Date October 20, 2019
    Service Level Std Office Hrs Std Office Days
    Std Office Hrs Std Office Days
    Global Coverage
    Standard Material Handling
    Standard Parts Logistics
    Pickup by HP
    10 Business Days Turn-Around
    No Usage Limitation
    HP Ships to Customer Site
    Deliverables Hardware Problem Diagnosis
    Offsite Support & Materials
    Extend your warranty
    Service type Wty: HP Support for Initial Setup
    Status Active: Covered under Manufacturer warranty, 6 days remaining.
    Start Date September 21, 2018
    End Date January 18, 2019
    Service Level NextAvail TechResource Remote
    Std Office Hrs Std Office Days
    2 Hr Remote Response
    Unlimited Named Callers
    Deliverables Initial Setup Assistance
    HP has checked your product information, including the product and serial numbers, to determine your warranty results.




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    I had a laptop problem a few years ago and it was not.After replacing the display, the hard drive is now replaced.I have a sticker for the operating system but I do not have a drive for the installation.From the microsoft site, I can not download it and forward me to the manufacturer.How and where to download Windows to recover my notebook?

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  • 01/12/19--03:38: M2 connector
  • Нello!

    Does the motherboard have m2 connector?

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    I want to update my stream to the most current version of Windows. Of course there isn’t enough room to do it. I created the media creation tool on another computer. I can see all the files on the flash drive. I inserted the usb into the stream, tapped escape till a screen came up giving me the option to hit f9. Did that and selected boot from usb. I get an error saying it doesn’t recognize the flash drive. What step am I missing?

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    I all, i have change the HD unit with SSD and try to recovery the system.

    Before i have made the USB Recovery

    I have launch the recovery, but before the finish the system return to me a message: " recovery incomplete, try to restart?"

    I have try but the same result every time, now i don't know what i do!

    I have also save the LOG

    Anyone can help me?




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    How to install drivers on a clean laptop, without an operating system? When I install the window, I get an error: a problem has been detected. windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
    If you are on the computer screen, restart your computer. If you are on the computer screen, restart your computer.

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    Forgot login password for HP ProBook S-Series with Windows 7 Professional. No recovery disc.

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    Replaced defective HD.  New HD is 500gb (down from orig 640gb) due to availability & economy.  Ran recovery set twice without a hitch.  HD test returns no errors.  BIOS is reset.
    Indicates error:  "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"

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