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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    Hello guys


    I have an old laptop which i stored data in as photos, homework documents and more. And I would like to know if it is possible to recover the data? 


    The ´screen is completly black at startup. But the pc starts up finally it seems. I attached a charger and I can hear the sound of a computer running. Any advice what to do? Can the laptop even be fixed or do I have to open the laptop and extract the hardware from the pc?


    I have had the laptop for almost like 3 years with on-off problems until its last day which showed me blue screen of death and after every startup it only shows me a black screen.,



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  • 01/12/19--10:29: I lost my recovery manager
  • Hi, I lost my recovery manager after my hdd is broken. So I replaced my hdd. But after that, I realised my recovery manager has lost on my pavilion dv6-7110et. How can I get back recovery manager?

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    Getting stop code

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    So I own an HP laptop and first of all, I can’t find the Product name on the back of it anywhere. I do have the serial, product, warranty, and model numbers though. Let me know if you need those. 


    The main issue I have is that I’ve had this device only for about 1–2 years, and about a week ago when I plugged it in it didn’t charge. I thought it may have been the charger, and I tried different ones, but after trying three different chargers that worked fine on other HP computers I realized that wasn’t the case. 

    The computer charges just fine when powered off, and it has a red light when it isn’t fully charged on the side of the charging port. But when I plug it in when it’s on, the light stays a steady solid white and sometimes it flashes and sometimes it doesn’t. This is getting really annoying because when I try to get work done I’m forced to stop and wait until the computer charges again. 

    I didn’t mess with any setting or install anything new recently. I just woke up and it wasn’t working correctly. There are also no error messages at all! 

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  • 01/12/19--11:26: 2-in-1 making grinding noise
  • Hello everyone, 

    Whenever my Pavilion is on, it makes this grinding noise. It sounds like something is rubbing against something else. I just bought this under a month ago and the noise seems to be getting worse. The sound seems to come from the front of the computer, on either side of the touchpad. The computer doesn't seem to be heating up, although it runs slower than I would think a brand new computer would. 

    Other forums suggest that I run a hardware test, but it won't pop up when I follow the instructions.

    Ahy help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have tried all advance options; turned computer on and off; just get a blue screen of Automatice repari.  Computer is not even 45 days old.  

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    My laptop recently began to ask me for my adminstrator or power on password and i have no idea what it is. The halt code is [ i 87857783 ] and the codes on don't seem to work. Can someone please offer assistance.


    Thank you

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  • 01/12/19--12:36: Forgotten password
  • I forgot my Bios password on my HP Netbook PC, is there any way I can recover. The password I recall is bringing System Disabled 5CD7197L2



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    Insert windows installation disc and click repair. My laptop does not have a CD drive, 


    File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi

    Status: 0xc0000359

    Info: the application or operating system couldnt be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.


    Please help me 



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    When i boot my laptop i recieve a prompt for an Admin password which i do not know and when i enter it incorrectly i get error code 99792255

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    How to bypass cartridge setup


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  • 01/12/19--13:18: systeme bord 00a
  • On startup I get the following message:


    'The followng product information programmed into system board is missing or invalid-
    System board (00A) System Board CT Number"


    I have tried to retrieve the CT number by hitting 'Esc' on startup, then F1. It gives me a product number, serial number, Build ID etc but for 'CT Number' it simply says 'CT Number : HP'


    Is this an error that will effect my laptop's performance?

    If not, what is suddenly causing my laptop to work ridiculously slowly? Have run all firewall scans, defragged, downloaded appropriate updates to software, what more can I do to improve speed/performance please?

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    My notebook keeps giving me the blue screen of death (Fatal Error), and windows will no longer unpdate due to several errors... I have spent days trying to work through the issues but now I am getting the blue screen I have decided its time to give in and format the whiole OS and start over.


    I have looked all over the place for the system recovery process but it says the recovery is on my harddrive, but all I have is the option to create a disk image , which tells me to insert a blank disk into the disk drive. Anyone who knows the Pavilion dm1 will know that this notebook does not have a disk drive. A stupied application to add in with this particular model. Create a USB recovery would have been more usful, and is what I am looking for now.


    I have read on here to hit F11 on start up to enter into the recovery start up, but this does not work as suggested, giving me options sush as Safe Mode etc.


    Another option is telling me to purchase a new recovery img for £41! Why should I when I have already purchased the OS when buying the product!?


    As you can read, I am not happy! This has wasted days of my time.... and now I would like someone to please point me i the direction of where I can obtain a new usb recovery for free, or a Windows 7 download that will accept my product key. I know this can be done because I have done a usb recovery on my desktop.


    Please give me a solution before I lose all faith in HP all together...



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    Ok, so I bought a laptop from a friend that's just barley a yr old... I then purchced Laplink PC mover to transfer stuff off old laptop to the new one (because I have programs for graphic designing on old on 8gb)...Laplink analyzed and come back and said I did't have enough space on the new laptop (which says I have 16gb) So what on earth am I doing wrong, I upgraded knowing the 16gb would alow me to run smother with double the space?? 

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    Hello. After a longtime not used hp mini 110 it gives me te following problem.

    Cmos setting wrong

    Cmos date/time not set.

    Than it ask to enter a Current password which I do not now. 

    I tried different codes but whit no Succes.


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    i pay for suppoet assintant but have not been able to access for several years

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  • 01/12/19--19:41: Boot Device not found
  • HP PC Diagnostics UEFI. Smart Check: PASSED. Short DST:FAILED  Failure ID: ME65AX-8AH9GC-XD7X6K-60XR03.   Product ID:X0H94UA#ABA.     Hard Drive 1.        please i ags. This is what it says for me after the hard drive test and i don't know what to do from here .      Factory installed o OS: Win10


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  • 01/12/19--21:52: factory reset
  • Idk much about computers but my son messed up my laptop and deleted some of the software cores and things like that and i tried to factory reset it but I have no space and nothing on the laptop is working 

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    Hi! Im trying to get into my laptop I haven't used in a couple yrs but cant remember my password. Its a google account, have already gone through google to recover my password but will take "3-5 business days" to get back to me... Whatever happened to the security question section??? Is there an online chat for tech support anywhere? 

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    My work necessitates running antediluvian software on Windows 7


    Of course there are no new laptops that come with Win 7 installed, and HP and/or Microsoft make things difficult for me by not providing Win 7 drivers for new laptops.


    The good news is that I found working drivers for most of the devices: Ethernet, WiFI, card reader, etc


    The only thing I cannot find a working driver for is the touchpad.


    Please help!

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