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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 01/11/19--00:20: Forgot PIN bios
  • Please help bios rest....password forgotkljk.jpg

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  • 01/11/19--01:33: FOTGOT ADMIN PASSWORD
  • I let my brother use my compute and he changeed my admin password and he dont remeber my screen says   System Disabled

    i 85960846


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    I have got this antique device.

    And the Bios user interface is quite rare exceptional.

    How can I manage to set in Bios the date, after changing cmos battery?


    Thanks in advance

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  • 01/11/19--03:25: Problem with laptop
  • Hello everybody ! I want to tell you story how HP mocks their users.

    For 2 years iam using my small laptop for email and whatching youtube. But when HP did this poor laptop, they didnt think about how users can use and work with it. If i were a technical manager i would have fired the person who came up with idea to install 32 gb memory in it. So i think everybody know that 32 GB it is not 32 GB. I can use only 28 GB. But in our days windows 10 took about 27 of my laptop. So. What to do? When i want to open google chrome for start, laptop can preraring for it about several minutes, **bleep**? I went to service and told them to remove win 10 and install win 7, but what they told me?! - it is impossible, coz HP never think how users can use this **bleep**y laptop with "32GB" memory and win 10 on it.


    So this is cry from the heart, i really dont know what to to. Only 1 thing in my mind - throw it in trash and never use any products from HP.


    And last hope ! May be someone from this forum can help me and give advice what to do. Thanks and God bless you.

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    Please help to recovery bios password, after input old password laptop shows System disabled i 50890253

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  • 01/11/19--03:51: Update failing
  • HP Support Assistant shows an update - "Genesys card reader driver" (sp92808). Despite a couple of attempts to install this, it seems to complete, but remains in HP Support Assistant.
    Any ideas?

    All other updates have been completed ok.


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    I'm not sure if the product name and other informations are accurate, but my laptop is less than a year old Pavilion, and I found that product name in the Internet. What I want to say is, my laptop is relatively slower since the first time I get my hands on it, and I thought it was normal because this is my first laptop. But as time passes, I couldn't keep my patience anymore. Just to boot it up takes about 5-20 minutes, in the worst case scenario, it refuses to even boot up and displays "preparing system repair" (or so), and I couldn't use my laptop for weeks. To wait for "Enter Password" to appear, takes 1-5 minutes. And just to wait for the desktop to appear, it takes 2-5 minutes. Waiting for Google or other apps, takes 3-10 minutes. And make the first search, takes the same amount of time. Can you imagine how angry I am now? It would need AT LEAST 14 minutes just to make the first search, and most of the time I even have spare time to sleep (sometimes, that is not that bad). I thought it is like this just because of the model, but my sisters have the exact same one and the exact same age, and the speed is different at a big margin.


    I'm sure the problem is not from me, because I don't have much games, photos or apps. I even changed the settings, deleted the unnesesary apps running in the background, but it's just getting worse. And I only use average 5 hours or less a week, mostly for school projects.


    I talked about this matter to my parents, but as always they don't want to listen. So I post it to the community, to find help.

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  • 01/11/19--05:27: recovery media
  • Is it possible for me to create recovery media on a dvd r using an external DVD drive.  I would prefer this method as it would enable me to change the SSD in the future.  It seems I can only use or create a partition om my SSD as recovery media.

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  • 01/11/19--07:05: System temperature 90D
  • Hi. When I switch on my computer, the fan rotates really fast producing a loud noise and then switches off after a few seconds. After I switch it back on it displays a 'system temperature 90D'. I have cleaned all vents and the fan (which seems to be working properly). I have also replaced the thermal paste. I have tried to upgrade the BIOS from a flash drive but the laptop switches off before I am able to do anything. Please help.

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    Yesterday I went to start up my laptop and it started in "airplane mode" - fan on super high and loud.  After several minutes, I held power button down to force shutdown and then restarted.  Same thing.  Decided to let it go.  After maybe 4-6 minutes, a white screen appears saying "Final step of BIOS update in progress".  Never got any warning that there was a BIOS update going on.  Then that goes away and HP logo appears like it's starting up, but shuts down.  Then restarts and goes through the same loop.  Unending.


    I've tried hitting the F10 key when starting up to get the BIOS setup screen but never get it.  Tried the Windows button and B key (also tried V key) at the same time while starting up.  No reaction there either.  I tried creating a USB recovery key on thumb drive from another computer but not having success creating it with the loaner laptop I've got.  Any other thoughts or ideas?


    This is a work laptop.  Local support has tried to resolve with no luck.  Their next step is re-imaging this laptop, meaning I lose whatever is on it.  I have almost everything backed up to OneDrive but my recent work in a Virtual Machine.  Trying to get it functional to at least copy that over.  There was no warning to this.  No issues when shutting down the previous evening.  


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    I did a hard reset to my computer. My first problem was my computer was slow. I never checked the disk usage but mine was 100 %. When I noticed this it wasnt long after my computer got caught up in the loop cycle blue screen where the diagnostic tool was trying to fix the issue. It would not stop so I reset it to windows 8 which was the factory. I reinstalled windows 10 and got two error messages about my graphics , nividia, it said windows 10 would not run properly and to contact manafacture. I still confirmed the download and let windows 10 download. here I am with 4 messages now on the right hand corner of the message center saying intel graphics card failed, of course the disk is still at 100% usage and I am not sure how to fix.

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  • 01/11/19--08:50: Bios update kill's probooks
  • 2 HP Probook, one 6465b the other 6545b. Both died after BIOS update.

    After BIOS update, computer boots and stop working. The other have tab blinking,

    the other power light blinking. Both worked perfectly before STRONGLY

    SUGGESTED BIOS update.


    1 is bad luck, 2 is bad manufacturer.


    Any suggestions ?




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    My laptop is plugged in but battery not charging. Battery check stated that the battery was ok.


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    when i choose check for windows updates in the settings, i get nothing.


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    My system was performing slow and considering friends recommendations I tried resetting my pc. But the process was having some error and now I am left with no OS. My boot was locked and now when I restart the boot screen appears to enter password. When I enter password it tells no OS found. When I press escape key and F10 it's asking for password. And I tried both boot password and previous windows password. Both failed and bios is getting locked. Error code I 93670721 . I dont know what to do. Please help


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  • 01/11/19--10:44: Boot device not found
  • . Hello So My HP Note Book Keeps Telling Me Boot Device Not Found, Please Install An Operating System On Your Hard Drive... I Did The Diagnosis Test And Everything Passed So I Don't Know What To Do From There Please Help....

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    when i log onto the notebook teh screen goes black with a white cussor

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  • 01/11/19--11:04: Base system device driver
  • Hi,


    I have recently reinstalled the system on new SSD drive, and I have a problem with driver for  PCI Slot 2 (PCI bus 36, device 0, function 1). 

    Hardware IDs:



    Problem code 0000001C


    What can I do to solve this?

    Thank you.



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    Software can only be installed on PC or MAC.

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    I have an ultrabook ENVY 4 that boots to blue error screen which I a have enclosed.  I recently installed windows 10 from windows 8..      Windows 10 worked  and had been installed for 3 week.   The problem started after battery died and I turned on laptop.  The start up screen gave choice to boot to windows or HP operating system ( This is some default menu I recognized since working with the laptop even with Window 8 installed.   I inadvertenly selected HP and thats when I got the error boot see  images below.  I tried several fixes:


        I tried to boot from a USB that had window 10 no go... I pressed F keys to get to the HP recovery menu which only enabled me to check Hard drive and computer chip integrity which were all ok.  But I think a repair menu did not work.   I tried to boot from BIOS which did not find something to boot from.  The crazy thing the bar code scan goes pulls up a windows site menu which does not address the issue.   I am guessing that a hard reboot is needed  resetting CMOS but I do not have a removable battery and a 15 second push on power button does not work.


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