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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    if i press the ESC button (needed to exit full screen in site such as Netflix) a dialogue box appears with the system imformation in. 

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    Hi.  Iam trying to reset my laptop to factory reset mode using internal recovery media (f11). Process was fine at first but at the end i received a Message say that 'RESTORATION INCOMPLETE '. but still i am able to boot up without issue to my recovered os.. Can i get issue with my os in future due to this " RESTORATION INCOMPLETE " . PLEASE SUGGEST ME A WAY!.

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  • 01/06/19--15:06: chrome recovery not working
  • Its happened a few times now where my laptop has randomly frozen and then come up with the screen 'chrome os is missing or damaged'. The first time, recovery worked fine. About a week later the same thing happened but recovery did not work the first time, so I followed the troubleshooting tips and erased the USB and did the process again. Recovery then worked. Now it has happened again, but recovery won't work. I have tried erasing the recovery software on the USB and downloading it again which didn't work. I tried a different USB which also won't work. Any ideas on what will work that I can try? Thanks.

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    My HP laptop won't work so I ran both the system and component tests and both gave me the Failure ID GLVV43-71G9G3-MFPWWK-60SB03

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    Failure iD: 9CQKNM-84R9G7-XD7WMA-60W303

    Product ID: P5S34EA#ACQ

    Hard Drive Capacity: 500GB

    Hard Drive 1

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  • 01/06/19--18:48: windows recovery disk
  • hi please help how to recover my system os files 

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  • 01/06/19--19:49: Admistrator password
  • Hello. I am helping a friend’s kid with his laptop. He is getting a message on start up “Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password”. The model number is hp 11-p110nr. I have read elsewhere that there is a code that will let you bypass this screen. If anyone could help me with that, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi.  So long story short I started to run into problems SUDDENLY yesterday,  I tried a bunch of things and nothing was working.  Earlier today (in the morning) I decided I should probably do a backup.  UNfortunately when I tried to do a regular backup while windows was running, I got auto-booted and the repair and diagnostics menu came up.  I had to do the backup from there.


    BEFORE I reset my entire computer to factory settings, I tried to do a backup of Documents and Pictures.  Because... that's all I care about honestly.  I saved the backup to my external hard drive (which took 9 tries whcih is why I am still sitting here 10 hours later), took the external, put it on another laptop, opened the recovery anddddddd it did not recover all my pictures, but more importantly, I cannot find documents.


    I tried both options, User and Auto, hold that thought.... 


    Auto Selection and User Selection.


    On Auto when I chose Pictures and Documents I thought uh, it would save pictures and documents.


    On User Selection, Browse I could NOT find documents anywhere.  At all.


    Am I doing something wrong?  I have some very important docs and pictures I need and I simply cannot just be like "oh well."


    I would assume after doing the restore and then going to the folders, that my documents would be in... documents. But they are not.


    Can anyone help me?

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    Device lock code 67731296 forgot password how do I unlock please

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  • 01/06/19--21:53: Boot device
  • My laptop fell off the bed and now says "boot device not found". I can't get to Windows as that is the very first screen it goes to. I'm wondering if a connection came loose when it fell? Anyone had any experience with this?

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    I have taken hp 14q- BU005TU laptop from amazon.Now I want to install windows7 64 bit.Please let me know will it be supported in this laptop ? If yes then from where i will get the drivers because in your website drivers are not avaibale for windows 7 64 bit .

    Please help.

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    Forgot local password hp model 15-ba009dx. I really ca I'm t afford to take it somewhere and pay when I know the answer is here somewhere.  Everything that appears promising is "locked' . Hope y'all can help 

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    Hi,I bought notebook in my town from hands.

    I decided to make full wipe all setting and made reset to default setting in bios. After that I have big problem. My notebook cant use all perfimance of videocard when working from battery. It use NVidia card(not integrated card), but only in energy-safe mod.

    I've already tried to chose every of work-mode in bios(only nVidia,cooperating mode,only integrated),but without any result.

    In nVidia Driver Control Panel I choosed only perfomance videocard,but it doesn't help.



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  • 01/06/19--23:45: low fps
  • low fps when plugged in and in charge

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    I was using win 10 on hp 250 g6 and I decided to install win 7 but when I started I got stuck there with a error msg that saying. Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the gpt partition style. I don’t know what to do now please respond if have any solution to this problem. 

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  • 01/07/19--01:40: Need Windows 7 ISO
  • Hello, I need to get the Windows 7 ISO to do a clean install on my computer. I got Windows 10, and graphics card errors are making me wish I had never "upgraded." I have already backed everything up, now all i need is the Windows 7 ISO. 


    I went to the microsoft website, and when I put my product key in from the back of my computer, it says "Error - The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options."

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  • 01/07/19--02:30: Recovery CD
  • I Need recovery cd/pendrive from USA HP, I have brought hp pavillion laptop from USA i the year 2012. Now i have relocated to india. now to get the cd

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    There is a basic design problem with the HP Stream in using Windows 10 OS.  Something taking up about half the amount of memory for basic functions is required.  How do I find a solution at reasonable cost?  Or do I just forget about using this computer, which I find otherwise suits my needs very well?  I realize that this is almost one of those "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" questions.  But I really would like an elegant solution, plus an end to this particular product line by HP if they cannot find a reasonable OS match-up.

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    I have posted the same issue before here (albeit slightly different):


    and found another user with similar issue here:


    Although the other user had better laptop configuration than mine, we had the same problem on our notebook which is: very slow (since it has very good specs) about 10 sec to wake up from sleep. the keyboard light turned on quickly but monitor will take up to 10sec to turn on. My 8 years old HP pavillion can wake up almost instantly.


    I've done a couple of full reset on my laptop and I reckon it is not the solution to this problem. Could you please done something via software update please?


    I really like this laptop but issues with softwares have really negate me from giving 5 stars to this beautiful machine. 

    1. Slow wake up from sleep mode

    2. Not a precision touchpad compatible.



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    Hi there,
    does anyone help me to download proper drivers from any place for my not supported (retired model) PC? I already reinstalled WIN XP but without drivers is PC is useless.
    Computer is in best condition, unfrotunatelly without proper software.
    In case nobody can help me I can offer my PC in perfect hardware condition to HP museum :-D Prize will be very friendly.

    Thx, Martin

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