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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 12/10/18--10:13: Ram Question
  • hi-i bought some hp ram but i dont know that how i can chek that are orginal or are not 

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  • 12/10/18--10:21: system disabled

    How to reset the administartor password, try many times and got system disabled [i 68393601]?

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  • 12/10/18--06:42: Re: power on password
  • Hello i have the same problem.


    Administrator password or Power On password,

    After the 3rd atempt is says i 51094795.

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • 12/10/18--11:09: 00A problem: enter CT number
  • I have (00A) problem

    I have CT number: 6EZSA04UW8UB25

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    I want to replace my HDD of my HP8560W notebook. I currently have a 500gb drive and want to replace it with a 1TB samsung SSD. However i tried to clone the drive with my Sharkoon Quickport duo, it worked exept for the Recovery Partition. Is there a way to make a exact copy of the original HDD with the recovery partition? Or a workaround?


    I also tried to clone with easeus clone and that didn't worked out.


    On the forum this link is from 2014.


    Is there otherwise a way to make a good restore dvd from the old HDD and use it for the new SSD?


    kind Regards,

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    My laptop is stuck after asking to go to a restore point just a day old.. I'm as the screen saying Windows is restoring your register for more than 4 hours now

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  • 12/10/18--12:39: Laptop Not Working
  • I bought a laptop from Walmart in late September.  I worked fine for a little bit then I started having problems until eventually couldn't get on at all.  I took it to a repair shop, he thought it might be the hard drive, put a new one and it didn't work, so he figured it was the motherboard.  Walmart won't take it back cause its pass the warranty.  So now what do I do?  

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    This lap top belongs to one of the guys that works for us, his hard drive comletely went out. I have replaced the hard drive and need to install windows 10 back on the lap top. I cant find the license number anywhere (like under the battery where it normally is) on the cumputer to reinstall windows 10. Is there a way to use the computers serial number to get the original windows 10 license number and HP recovery??? 

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I'm a senior, 92 years old & not computer savvy - have been having following problems:

    1. Statement at top of screen shows: "You're seeing Classic Mail because you're using an unsupported Intenet Browser." - Don't know what to do.

    2.  Some time back McAfee advised that I needed a 2nd browser, understood they installed Goggle Chrome which I have a difficult time using.

    3.  AT&T advised that I also have Mozilla Firefox which I've never used. I find Internet Explorer is easiest to use.

    4. When I start to type an email, I click on[edit]

    Also am not able to delete a bunch of old Contacts - when I try it just brings me to the email address mode.

    6.  When I click on the Battery Icon at the bottom of the page, it shows: "78% not charging -( power mode plugged in) Better performance" - Don't know how to correct.

    7.  Sometimes when I print out a message, it doesn't print out correctly across the page, the message might line up towards the left hand margin.

    8.  Under "Most Used", it does not show "Internet Explorer", have to do a Search & type it in.

    9.  Recntly tried to send a message  - took  me 3 trys - I'd type a partial sentence & the computer would send it, happened a  2nd time, finally the 3d time was able to send the full message

    I signed up for the Smart Mode feature.  Would appreciate any help which you can give me.  Thank you very much.


    Started to send this message to you & the computer clicked over to a different screen  somehow I was able to retrieve my msg., will try to send it again.  


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  • 12/10/18--16:25: Clean Reinstall on a X360
  • I am either going to buy the ENVY or SPECTRE X360 13, but want to know if doing a clean re-install of Win 10 right off the bat will void my warranty?  I HATE bloatware.


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  • 12/10/18--16:26: Fan noisy and low battery
  • Hi,


    I bought yesterday a HP spectre laptop and I am very disapointed about it for 2 main reasons.


    1)the fan is very loud and starts even with on the browser is running and the cpu is low.

    2) the battery gets emptied very fast ( within 5 hours) of normal utilization



    I updated the bios but this doesnt help..


    Please advise..




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    hello and have hp 630 and after booting ......

    no screen 

    and speed fan 

    and 6 light capth look 

    and power off 

    please help me

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    used a HP 16gb media recovery usb to factory reset my HP 15 notebook After reset most apps are in Windows 7 or 8 and my boot disk is in fat 32 format instead of 64 ntfs. I also have no admin rights to most programs 

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    Help me unlock the BIOS. pls)pass.jpg

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    when i power on my hp pav x360 it asks for admin or power on password i enter it 3 times and it gives me a number which is 50833056 can anyone help please

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    I’m confused on if I need to buy a new hard drive? If I do please drop a link to where and what I would get because I don’t understand 😓 


    Messages that show when I turn on my computer: 


    Boot Device Not Found

    Please install an operationing system in your hard disk.

    Hard Disk (3F0)


    Version - BI0S

    When I do a Memory Test it passes 

    But fails Hard Drive Check ; I did both the quick and extensive check & same failure ID for both







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    Hello Dear Expert Community Members. Please help me to understand my battery check results.  Pay attention to bold and red marked:


    CeementBatteryCheckResult: 12 DevicesSupported: 1 DeviceCount: 1 Primary_ACPowerOn: True Primary_ACAdapterOk: True Primary_TestresultString: CALIBRATE Primary_DesignCapacity: 4400mAh Primary_FullChargeCapacity: 1mAh Primary_RemainingCapacity: 0mAh Primary_MaxError: 100 Primary_CycleCount: 731 Primary_Temperature: 20deg C Primary_Voltage: 12330mV Primary_Current: 216mA Primary_DesignVoltage: 10800mV Primary_Status: 144 Primary_CellVoltage1: 0mVPrimary_CellVoltage2: 4181mV Primary_CellVoltage3: 4135mV Primary_CellVoltage4: 4049mV Primary_SerialNumber: 01274 2015/08/31 Primary_ManufacturerName: 13-15 Primary_BatteryCTNumber: 0123456789ABCDE Primary_Warranty: 1 Primary_CalibrationType: 3 Primary_ChargeControl: Supported Primary_TempCharge: True Primary_ChargeTest: True Primary_ChargeCapacity: 0 Primary_TempAlarm: False Primary_DeepDischarge: False Primary_FullCharge: False Primary_FullChargeStatus: False Primary_BatteryCharge: True Primary_DesignCycleCount: 300


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  • 12/11/18--00:46: notebook
  • hello, when im trying to turn my notebook on, it doesn’t work. The cooler starts working  it makes a bit sound , but the screen doesn’t work, I think that battery has a problem. Can you help me to solve that problem? thank you.

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    Здравствуйте. У меня сейчас ноутбук HP с предустановленной операциионой системой системой Windows 7 Home Premium. Я хочу купить новый ноутбук HP без установленной операционной системы, могу ли я где-нибудь скачать образ операционной системы, чтобы установить ее на новый ноутбук и активировать ключом указанным на наклейке старого ноутбука?

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  • 12/11/18--04:07: Setup laptop
  • Trying to set up new Spectre 360 x, during set up I had issues with verifying my identity due to email password change. Now getting error message that session has timed out. I can’t get out of the screen. I’m stuck! Any suggestions? Thanks 

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