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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    My laptop isn't charging. Last week it would only charge if it was switched off but would at least maintain the charge if plugged in during use. This morning it will do neither ... no red or white LED display when plugged in, either with power supply switched on or not. Interestingly the power lead no longer fits easily into the socket for some reason yet doesn't appear damaged and hasn't been to my knowledge. Any ideas?

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  • 12/11/18--04:50: Fingerprint reader
  • I set-up my fingerprint reader. It works fine but when I re-boot the computer it FORGETS my fingerprint and I have to set-up again. Please help with a fix

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  • 12/11/18--11:22: Recovery failiure
  • Hello.I have a hp dv8t 1100 and I have been trying to recover it to no avail.It has a new 500 gig hard drive and it gets to where it is installing software and suddenly shuts down and restarts with the hard drive parked and orange hard drive lights.I was wondering if anybody might know what the problem is.Thank you.

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  • 12/11/18--13:56: System disabled
  • Hello,

    I've tried turning on my laptop today and a screen saying "Enter administrator password or power on password" jumped on me. After 3 bad tries, it showed "System Disabled i 59025056".

    Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I'd be forever grateful.

    Thank you for any replies:)

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  • 12/11/18--14:26: Original operating system
  • Hi, i bought an ssd samsung 860 evo m.2), i installed it on my computer (hp pavilion 15-bc011nl) and now i would like to reset the hdd and install the original operating system in the ssd... How can i do it?

    Thanks in advance

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    After several hours on the phone or in chat with HP support, now they want me to send the laptop back to them for repair. The reason is that it will not install the downloaded recovery image which came FROM HP.  After trying it several times they sent me a USB stick (which they did not ship when promised) with the supposedly correct image to recover from.  Of course, it failed just like the multiple downloads.  Now they think that there is a hardware failure in my laptop.  I would think so too but I can install 1803 just fine from a Windows USB stick from Microsoft.  No issues whatsoever.  Just another example of how HP can't find their backside with both hands, they can't even send a recovery media that works.  


    I'm loath to send the laptop to them, once its opened up providence only knows what I'll get back, not to mention that they say it will take 10 business days (like I believe them).  So far, they have stalled me for just over 7 weeks going back and forth.  I'm just about as frustrated as I have ever been with a computer company and I'm a network engineer so that is saying something. Frustrated is the wrong word, angry is closer, but still not strong enough.


    Last night I logged in to the regular support page and it showed a link to HP Products Tested with Windows 10 which does NOT include the HP Spectre x360 - 15t-ch0xx (that I could find anyway, that page is a mess just like everything else HP is doing recently).  Basically, this $1800 laptop purchased 6 months ago is not going to be supported for the new version of Windows 10 when Windows 10 was sold with the laptop knowing that Microsoft updates twice a year!. Brilliant! 


    Here is my favorite quote from that page: 

    "Any PC product that is not listed in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update table was not tested by HP for this update and may not be supported by HP for Windows 10"


    Yeah, ok, "favorite" was sarcastic...


    Last night. after a fresh install of Windows 10 1803 from a Microsoft USB stick, I went in and turned on the fast ring of the Windows Insider Preview and installed the latest build of Windows 10 19H1 (Insider Preview Build 18298). Same result. It can't finish the install. 19H1 is the next version of Windows after 1809 so I don't see this laptop getting feature updates going forward.  Awesome!! I could really use a boat anchor if only I had a boat...  I shouldn't complain though since I might still get security fixes...


    I've asked for a manger to call me back at least twice.  They won't even get on the phone with me.  As angry as I am, I've been civil and patient in every conversation with the support agents, but I would LOVE to vent the anger on a manager at HP.  I guess I don't blame them for being afraid to call back. I've spoken with several support agents that have really tried hard to fix this and a few that just wanted to get off the phone as fast as they possible could.  Terrible customer experience, HP should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Computer blue screens on start and says error code 0xc000000f

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  • 12/11/18--21:45: Lapto issue
  • Need help what does it mean bad image

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  • 12/12/18--00:21: Not working
  • Black screen 

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    Could somebody please offer instructions on how I disable the large windows 10 update on my kids hp stream laptops.There isn’t enough memory on these devices to download this update and when it tries is uses up the devices memory.I sent off my sons unit for repair and the customer service agent stated this is what I have to do.They asked me to phone back after the device was returned after repair but now it’s out of warranty I can’t access the phone number to contact them for support.Hp want payment now.

    I would be grateful for any assistance.

    many thanks

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    After replacing my son's broken HDD, I installed Windows 7 which I then upgraded to Windows 10.  I find that the laptop will not boot unless the Legacy option is enabled in the BIOS.  If I turn off Legacy option it won't boot and I get the message "Boot disc not found".   This may have been like it before his HDD was replaced but I'm not sure.  There is no reason to want to boot from UEFI (as it boots up OK using Legacy) except the legacy option seems slow.  Any comments gratefully received.

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    i recently wanted to change some things in the bios setup of my laptop " hp ba021ax" but it was locked and asking some admin password which i have not set, so i flashed some new bios firmware which did not remove password but instead the error code was changed  , the error code after several attempts was "i 63451351"

    and my product details :

    serial number = CND630FWW

    product number : X9K12PA

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  • 12/12/18--04:56: Recovery my OS
  • Как я могу установить лицензионную ОС ? У меня сломался жесткий диск. После его замены потребовалось переустановление ОС. Диск я потеряла. Мне нужен образ ОС. Где его можно взять?

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    HI! I always get a bdagent.exe-system error pop-up whenever i start my laptop . twice at a time and one says i am miising txmlutil.dll and the other says sqlite3.dll  are missing and would need to be reinstalled. what do i do?

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  • 12/12/18--06:39: BIOS G6-1058ER Issues
  • The laptop after firmware is turned on and "caps lock" flashes twice. I tried to restore the BIOS from the hard disk there is no reaction to the "win + b" and "win + v". Tell me how to make a bootable flash drive for recovery or flash the BIOS through it? The method described on the offside does not work. Maybe for my model another combination? Is there a BIN firmware file (only * .exe is on the site)?

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    Ok, I've been round and round with Microsoft and they are saying I need to take this up with HP.  Of course there is no help chat I can get through or a phone number for help.  I bought a 2in1 laptop and chose the slow platter drive and thus windows10 home as a throwaway because HP doesn't offer the option to have no HD and no operating system for some reason.  My intention was always to buy a 2tb Samsung m.2 drive and install that along with windows 10 on that drive, being that HP doesn't offer SSD's or HDs up to that size.   Soooo, I ordered the SSD and a full version of windows 10 Pro to install onto it concurrently while waiting on the laptop to get delivered.   I get the laptop, pull out the 1tb HD with the HP ghetto install of win10HOME.   I install the SSD, and install windows10 via the USB method.   Only to find out that windows claims I have home installed on the new SSD for some reason and it WILL NOT ACCEPT MY FULL WIN10PRO LICENSE TO UPGRADE.   It claims that the microsoft servers have my laptop saved as a win10Home computer, and that was done by HP, even though I requested that they not put ANY operating system on the machine.    M$ says I need to pay 99$ for the home->Pro UPGRADE to be able to make my laptop the PRO version, and I can no longer RETURN the 150$ Full Pro license that I bought as it's been opened, but I cannot install that either as HP screwed my laptop up.   I am stuck but not about to pay for yet a THIRD windows10 license for this laptop just to get what I want.  Bad enough HP forced me to purchase the home version to put on it at the factory.     I have wiped the SSD from scratch multiple times over the weekend and cannot for anything get PRO to install.  At no point will activation or upgrade accept my 25-character code for the full installation version.   I need help.

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  • 12/12/18--07:12: Fan error 902
  • Hur kommer jag in i bios när jag bara får upp fan error 902 o sen stänger datorn ner igen?

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    (Not sure which version of Windows 10 it had)


    Sequence of events:


    Machine running very slowly from new (purchased 6.9.18) – hard disk running at 100% almost all the time. Windows updates not installing correctly.


    Tried various Microsoft suggestions to assist in getting updates to work correctly – no Joy


    Did a restore from windows, choosing the “keep existing data option” – no Joy- Hard Disk still running constantly at 100%


    Tried a HP restore as suggested by their Website using the F11 option and selecting the full restore option – this failed and when the machine rebooted with the following error:


    Boot Device Not Found


    Please Install an operating system on your hard disk


    Hard Disk (3F0)


    Tried various recovery options as described on the HP Support website but nothing worked.


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    I ran the system recovery - Factory Image Restore and got a Restoration Incomplete message.  

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    I have an hp envy x360 and when I go to use it nothing will open after the lock screen. It worked fine until last when I went to use it and it had this problem. It starts up fine goes through the start up process and everything but after I get to the home screen, I can’t open any files or the button in the lower left hand corner. I tried to reset it by shutting it off and holding the power button for 15 seconds and I still get the same issue. I tried hitting the esc key but all I get is a white box that takes up half the screen. Then pressing F11 in the same manner doesn’t do anything.

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