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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    Hello Community,


    I recently purchased HP Spectre Folio 13-ak0001na Convertible Laptop 4G LTE (less than 7 days old). 

    Having installed Google Drive the fan runs incessantly - seriously non-stop.


    I have searched this community to see any one else has experienced the same issue, and I noticed there is a whole bunch of people reporting fan issues and some that relate to problems with fan noise after installing Google Drive. 


    I applied the fixes such as upgrading firmware, and bios etc but the fan noise is still running incessantly and is quite frankly driving me crazy. 


    I understand that the advice is to return the laptop and ask for new one. Can you let me know if that is the general answer? i.e. request a new laptop?





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  • 12/09/18--06:10: Can't get Chromecast to work
  • I can't get my Chromecast to work from this computer.  I've gone through all kinds of troubleshooting steps, to no avail.  I know the Chromecast works, (I can Cast YouTube from my iPhone), I just keep getting the "No Cast desinations found when I try to cast from here.  Amd I can set it up, just not Cast from here.   It _has_ to be an off-the-wall problem in the PC or the OS (Windows 10).


    For those of you that don't know what this is, Chromcast is a device that plugs in to an HDMI input on your TV and lets to show.hear what's on your Chrome browser on your TV.  It lets you connect the computer to the TV wirelessly.


    I've disconnected my VPN, firewall, and anti-virus stuff. even updated Chrome and even tried it with the Chrome Canary browser, designed mainly for developers.


    Any ideas?


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  • 12/09/18--06:24: High DPC Latency
  • Hello guys
    BIOS Version: F.48
    I have huge problem with high DPC latency on my Omen laptop
    DPC Latency:

    1. I reinstalled (the newest) Nvidia drivers (now without PhysX, only main driver)
    2. I tried to disable Device Manager > Battery > something called battery control to solve ACPI.sys problem. And it worked, but my second monitor doesn't work :/

    3. I set Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance in Nvidia Control Panel and it helped lower DPC latency, but still it's too high. So maybe high DPC latency is connected with Nvidia drivers..

    4. I installed Intel and Nvidia drivers from HP website so they are older than from manufacturer


    DPC 2.pngDPC.png

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    My HP laptop is not charging when turned on but does charge when its off or in sleep mode. I am experiencing this problem since a couple of days. I tried uninstalling batteries, updating bios and chipset drivers but nothing worked. Please assist me to fix the issue at the soonest.


    Thanks in advance

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    My son knocked my laptop on the floor and now it is giving me an error no bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key. I don't have a boot disk and i need my laptop for school and work. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • 12/09/18--09:06: Suddenly Frozen
  • My computer suddenly stopped working all togethe,r it froze: keyboard, touchscreen, on/off butom. Had to let batery run out to be able to started it again. What could be the source of the problem?

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  • 12/09/18--09:35: Forgot BIOS passwarod
  • Hello! I forgot my password from BIOS. I dont find the SMC.bin for my notebook, but the support on my country so bad working, and they dont have are chat or mail. 

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  • 12/09/18--10:35: error message on start up
  • I have not dont anything to the computer other than the standard ITunes updates recently.  How can I fix this.  Also it appears to be charging but says it is not. 

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    I have an issue with booting my notebook Pavilion dv6. It started several days ago when my notebook lagged (it didn’t respond to anything) and I performed a hard reset. Then, I reloaded it, but appeared black screen for ages after Windows logo. I reseted it again and I see a message “Windows failed to start” and an option to make a repairing or smth like that. Still, it didn’t help, neither resting to the last stable version. The problem stayed. However, I tried safe mode and it worked. Then, I decided simply perform a system recovery (reinstall Windows), but the problem was the same, but now I cannot enter even in the safe mode, cause I cannot perform a first launch after installing Windows. I tried recovery from my recovery disks, but it didn’t help.

    Then, I ran system tests - everything was fine(see screenshots).

    Then, I tried to recover BIOS, but in system diagnosis I have error “failed reading bios image”, but I can go in bios by pressing “esc” while booting notebook.

    May be you have any ideas what can cause this problem and how I can solve it?

    Hope, for your fast response DC5A10A2-30BD-43B4-B562-4EFC458A9A0D.jpeg

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  • 12/09/18--11:39: my pc repair history
  • I need the pepair history of my pc. I sent it in under warantee for a pulsating fan. It is back to doing it again.. out of warantee of course.... I have downloaded a fan heat sensor pgm and the heat is not above 86 degrees. There is no trigger point for the fan to breathe, it's intermittant.The air is cool from the computer. I have cleaned it with the air and downloaded a new BIOS x4. If I can find out how it was repaired it will help me decide the next course of action. Including sending it back under a not fixed right extention of the warantee. -KJ

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  • 12/09/18--11:48: slow laptop
  • thanks to everyone for their input. I did add 8 mg of ram and ran clean the clean program. It was challenging to figure out how to open the case to add the ram. I didnt see a slot for a ssd m2 card. Is there one?

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    My hp pavilion will not stop looping from a black screen to the go screen. I have tried rebooting and wipe the system to default. It seems when I try to reboot it will get on 54% and stop. I dont know what else to try. 

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    Looking for recovery media disc or downloadable ISO files to download media or link to file. Forgot my old password and is locked out laptop, also lost recovery media disk that was made when I purchased Entertainment Laptop PC. If anyone have a copy please link or email me. thank you to all very much.

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    My Pavilion dv6 laptop needs a new hard drive. I want to reinstall Windows 7 on it, the same version as was preinstalled. I made recovery DVDs. Disc 1 of 3 turns out to be unreadable/unusable. I am not allowed to make another set of recovery disks.

    I tried to download Windows 7 from Microsoft. That requires the product key. Unfortunately, the product key sticker has been worn blank. I tried to read the product key from the registry and typed that into the Windows download site. That generated an error. After talking to Microsoft support, apparently that is not the correct product key because of how HP preinstalled Windows. He said I needed to contact HP to get my Windows 7 product key. So, here I am.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Hi, I want to downgrade my notebook and i need the drivers. In this web I only find drivers for Windows 10, but I need it for Windows 7 - 64 bits. can someone provide me that?


    Thanks so much. My notebook is: Notebook - 15-f387wm (TOUCH)

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    Looking for Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct 64 bit install CD.  My hard drive failed and need to install vista on the new hard drive.

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    My laptop has crashed yet again and this time, it's not booting up. I'm very displeased with this laptop as I had to send it back three times for the very same reason. For three days, it worked fine, then today, it crashed unexpectedly and now the only thing that is showing is a blank screen. Again I've sent the laptop back for repair three times for the same reason. I have no idea why it would continue to crash after three such repairs. At this point I'm willing to send the laptop back for good.

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    i just formated the recovery partition by mistake 

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    My laptop upon turning on goes straight to an all black screen with a blue box in the middle that says "enter administrator password or power on password", and some of the advice I got from similar posts never seemed to work. 

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    I have been struggling with my laptop overheating for over 6 months now. Since the day I bought it, I have been using my laptop on a laptop stand--that is at an incline to allow for air circulation. Nonetheless, it constant over heats within 30 minutes of me using it. As a result, the fans are extra loud.


    I have downloaded every update reccommended by HP and even had an agent virtually try to fix it but nothing works.

    Side note: I have not been able to send in my laptop because I am a full time student and depend on my laptop for all my assignments. Its fustrating having to deal with this because my laptop is not even a year old yet. 

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