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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    my notebook was all fine. I left it on whilst I slept by accident and when I tried to use it that morning it was dead.


    I can not turn it on and there is not light on the turn on button. When charging it with the battery pack in it flashes silver then amber and repeats. If I take it out and charge on own it shows a constant silver light but still will not turn on.


    I have held the on button for 45 seconds at times and once the in button flashed nothing happened. I’ve tired holding the on button for different times. It nothing will work. 


    Ive left it to charge with the battery pack in over night but still will not turn on. 


    The laptop was bought second hand and I’ve had it for 9 months.


    Im a student and I can’t afford to buy a new one so please can anyone help me!!



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    i performed the required pop up update for my computer. The upgrade went all the way through but since
    I haven't been able to use my notebook, the error message I get every time I boot is, "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable" And I'm left with a black screen with just the recycle bin icon, the non-responsive Windows icon

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  • 11/27/18--11:55: HP Spectre - BSoD issue
  • I have a HP Spectre, and I have recieved two blue screens of death this past week.
    I'm worried as I've only had this laptop for less than a year, and this is happening.


    The screen showed the following during the second screen:


    What Failed: SPUVCbv64.sys



    Im not sure what it said first time around, but maybe it's likely to be the same problem?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Edit: Drivers for HP laptop model 15-BW011DX for Windows 7


    Hello and thank you for all of your help on this matter.


    I am going through the same process as the original poster- I will not use Windows 10 until I'm forced to, so I'm struggling with getting the Windows 7 drivers for this laptop. In your first useful post, the two links for graphics and chipset drivers no longer functions. Instead, AMD is redirecting to their software downloads page. I am not sure what products is appropriate to get the right drivers. I ended up typing A6-9220 and downloading the Windows 7 Auto Detect and Install .EXE. Would you say this is appropriate? Will this handle graphics and chipset?


    Also, sorry to do this to you, but all of your realtek links are broken as well.


    Thanks again!

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    THE wallpaper dissapeard  and no icons react to ether right or left klicks.. nothing reacts on the screen after the last update.

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  • 11/27/18--13:39: BIOS update
  • My laptop keeps wanting to do a BIOS update on it's in. I've never seen this before. Should I let it?

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    I am trying to activate Windows 10 on my notebook and its asking for a product key. where do I find it?

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    My laptop wont load windows or go to hp recovery center could i get the recovery software for my laptop???


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  • 11/27/18--18:23: Noisy 4-day old HP Pavilion
  • Hello, I've recently bought an HP laptop and its been so noisy, like I did not notice how loud it was until I was in class and all I could hear was my laptop and the professor. I've been reading all this post how it might because all the programs its dowloading and because it is new but I've literally only downloaded office the firsts day I got it and have not anything more. Should I just return it, is there anyway to stop it from being so loud? 


    P.S: I've check the CPU percentage running it is about 6% right now and the noise its making is pretty loud!

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    HI there

    i bought this notebook in Argentina for a trip, then i came back to australia where is my country of residence, i always  had issues with the equipment like, frozen screen, slow sistem, always thinking, cant see leters on the screen, i called hp they always proceded similar cleaning up the hard disk, with me on the phone, but never fix it. Now they said they cant help me anymore cos i bought this equipment in argentina, and i should contact them.(argentina)

    Does someone experienced something like this? 

    i have guarantee for 10 more month still.


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    I bought this laptop 3 months ago.  It was a store demo model.  Has worked OK up until today. I went out for an hour and left it on but with the lid closed. Now the screen is dark, the power light is on and I can hear it 'working' but I can't turn it off. I've tried holdinng the power button for 15 seconds but that didn't work.  I don't know how to open the laptop to remove the battery

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    where do you find  or how do you look up the results from your system diagnostic results?

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  • 11/28/18--02:15: Boot failure
  • Hello, I'm the owner of an HP Omen 15-CE018NP (Product ID: 2QE26EA#AB9) and i had a problem: the laptop doesn't start.


    It shows a black screen saying:

    "Boot Device Not Found

     Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

    Hard Disk - (3F0)"


    It gives me an option to run a system diagnostics pressing the "F2".

    When i do and check for the hard disk it shows:

    "Smart check: Failed

    Failure ID: OLMXX3-91G9AC-MFPURA-608703

    Product ID: 2QE26EA#AB9

    Hard Drive 1

    Current Version: - BIOS"


    What can i do to solve this?


    Thank you in advance.




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  • 11/28/18--04:00: DST check failed
  • Hello to all, 

    I have a problem, or better, my girlfriend has a problem, her notebook HP seems dead.

    I've tryed a diagnostic entering in F2 and by the complete system test we know to have a problem with the rapid DST in HDD, we've an ID error:



    Now, the question is, have we to change the laptop? is it repairable?

    If I don't wrong, it's an HDD problem, hardware, not software, corrupted or broken, have to change the HDD? 

    Of course the laptop is out of warranty.


    Thank you

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    WHEN I POWER ON MY LAPTOP IS ASKING ME TO ENTER "administaror passoword or power on password.


    after three attempts the sysetm is disabled with this error " system disbaled i 43624482"


    other details include  hp 250 g5

    serial number = CND6360RJW

    please help i have tried the bios master generator but the code is not 16 digits

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  • 11/28/18--05:13: Recovery Media Fails
  • Trying to install a new HDD in this laptop.  Old 1TB drive is a mess and has no recovery partition.  Ordered Win 10 recovery media, recieved 32GB thumb drive.  Laptop boots to thumbdrive, goes through the entire process (takes about 3 hours) and then fails.  There is a log file full of PCI Device errors.


    I have tried 3 different HDD's, same result.  Do I have the wrong recovery media?



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    Really hope someone can help me.

    The last time I used my HP laptop it updated. It is now asking for a password when I switch it on. The problem is I never had a password, I had a four digit passcode but this is not working and is clearly not what it is asking for.

    Anyone have any ideas?. I'd be really grateful.

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    Not connected, saying have to manually connect, says items do not exist. 

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    Installed RHEL 7.4 from USB including FIPS mode, STIG profile, and SELinux.

    I am missing drivers for the following:

    Network, Audio, BlueTooth, WiFi, Video, USB-C Thunderbolt Dock


    The HP Driver/Download page only has an RPM for the NVidia driver available.  Though without the network card(s) working, I cannot install the dependencies required.

    Where can I locate and download hardware drivers for this laptop?

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    The screen on my laptop is out due to a cracked LCD so I have been using my sharp aquos hd flat screen to view my laptop display via HDMI. All had been working just fine but now I'm just getting a black screen. How can I fix this?

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