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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 11/16/18--03:48: forgotten password
  • I had my laptop in Pawn. I forgot the password now I cabt get in. I no lonbher have access to the email i used when I created it

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  • 11/16/18--05:54: Plugged in, discharging
  • Hello

    I’m having issues with charging my laptop. The last time I was able to open it, it said plugged in discharging at 10% and it went down to 8% while plugged in to charger. The charging light is red and continuos but when i try to switch on my laptop it shuts down itself after seeing hp logo for couple of seconds. I tried giving command f2 to see what’s the problem, my battery or charger, but I can’t even reach there before my laptop shutdown. 

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  • 11/16/18--05:57: lost password
  • Forgot password

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  • 11/16/18--06:15: Error 3FO
  • Start uo error 

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    i donot found my notebook usb driver please help me

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    Hello all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this issue. I work for a small school district that just received a donation of some Hp Chromebooks model #14 smb. I didn't receive any chargers for the devices, however I did end up ordering one to test before I made a big investment. The facility that had the devices wipe or powerwashed them, so when I power the Chromebook on, I get the message that Chrome OS can not be loaded. I tried the Chrome repair/recovery app with a usb flash drive, and that didn't work. Now when I try to power on the device I get a black screen like the device is shut off. The charging port shows that device has a full charge. Any suggestions on how I can recover this device? Thank you in advance!! 

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  • 11/16/18--08:29: virtualisation enabling
  • how to activate vt-x(virtualization) in my laptop 15q-ds0004TU because it doesnt showing uefi firmware setting

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    Good day.

    Can anybody help me with my trouble?

    I would like to upgrade my flash bios, but I don't remember the password.

    Product number WH287UT#ABA

    Serial 2CE022....

    UUID 9CD3C3A4E66EDF119A761001670.....

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  • 11/16/18--08:40: Battery problems
  • Hi there,


    I have a HP Probook laptop. It's 4 years old now. Today however I had a new problem: the computer doesn't start or work if the laptop isn't plugged in. When it's plugged in, Windows can start, but whenever I plug out the charger, the computer shuts down immediately. In the taskbar in beneath the battery charger icon shows that it is charging. However when I click on the icon it keeps on saying: 3% charged and battery is not being charged. 
    Somebody who can help me?



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    My computer screen turns black and I have to re-enter my passcode in order to get back on after about 1 minute.  I have set the sleep mode and such to 15 minutes, but that has no affect on this.  It is very frustrating.  I turn to answer the phone for a minute and my computer screen goes black and I have to log in again.  What is wrong and how do I fix it?

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  • 11/16/18--09:29: keybord
  • anyone know the  reasons for the light on the keyboard of my hp laptop shows the light it shows when it's not connected to the internet but it is connected

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    I tried to run the tool thrice but it's not working yet. My laptop is Hp15 au006tx. I had a problem with my battery (i.e) it is not getting fully charged up to(100%). It stops at 84 or 86 %. The battery icon shows a notification that plugged-in but not charging. While resolving that issue, I came across the recall program.Screenshot (3).png

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    Regarding a laptop  HP Gaming Pavilion 15-cx0020no (Prod. 4KF49EA#UUW):
    My intention was to run Windows 10, and a virtual Linux (Kubuntu 18.04) guest where W10 is the host.
    After testing Virtualbox and Hyper-V (after upgrading to W10 pro) in all possible configurations I do not get sufficient Linux performance (Hyper-V was the better, though).
    There is probably no hypervisor that can help(?), so I did decide to convert into a Linux main O/S, hosting Windows 10 as guest (I have very good experience from such configurations on other hardware).
    I simply need some good advice how to do the conversion in the best way. Do I need some hard/firmware upgrade? Please give your best recommendations!
    P.S. I am fully aware of that this implies some degree of warranty breaking.

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    I have installed all the latest drivers and the blue screen keeps appearing

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    I have taken it off charge and taken out the battery. I have pressed the on switch for about a minute and plugged in the charger again. I tried to switch it on but still no luck

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    Recovery manager screen on after shutting down when battery died. Brand new so don't know what to do! 1542401308638.jpg


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    I bought mine about two days ago, and I had the problem after I turned mine on for a few times.


    I just discovered that it's not a serious issue about the motherboard or anything, it's just that my laptop screen would turn a dark blue colour (very hard to notice), and then if I continue pressing the button, the screen would just turn black again and nothing happens.


    On the other hand, if I release it right at the point about 1 sec after the screen turns dark blue, (it has to be after a while) the laptop would turn on with the hp symbol.


    Idk if this is an issue with anything, but I really take good care of my new laptop since it is a gift. This has not happened with my hp pavilion desktop.


    ***Also I take my laptop to class, so after I found out that it shuts down after a while (when unused), I changed the setting for sleep and shut down to "never." I still found out that the laptop automatically shuts down, and it usually requires me a few times before I can release the power button at the right time and successfully turn on the computer.


    Does anyone know what's the problem with my laptop? It's really new and I take good care of it. (I don't think that would be something everyone faces every day when they turn on their laptop, haha)





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    When I recently went to turn on my computer, it booted up and brought me to a new screen with a language keybiard input. I chose English and then it brought me to another blue screen with the options of troubleshoot and turn off computer. The troubleshoot options are mostly just ways of doing a system restore or backup. The thing is I never initiated a system restore and I just want to leave this page but the only option it gives me is to turn off my computer. I'm doing a quick test right to try to figure out whatss wrong but I have no idea what to do

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  • 11/16/18--16:51: Laptop
  • My laptop is turning on but nothing on the screen


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    I own a HP laptop pre-load Win 7 Home Premium. And, I had updated to Win 10 2 years ago. But keyboards are problem with numeric.

    I try to revert back to Win 7, but failed to see the options. So, I going to download WIn 7 Home Premium x64 ISO.

    After done format+install Win 7 Home, it seems the genuine key not working. So, please help advise what can I do? I believe I also unable to back Win 10 since I install Win 7 with current problem.

    I need to highlight, I own the HP Laptop with genuine Win 7.


    Here is my HP details:

    [serial number removed per Rules Of Participation]

    Model: dv5-2043cl

    Product: WQ753UA#ABA


    Windows 7 Home Premium OA




    Product key: #####-#####-#####-J378R-CB7T4

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