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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    My HP15 Laptop did a system update and now it wont let me log in. I have gone to and changed my password. My son's laptop did this as well. I write down passwords so as to not forget so I know they are right. This is the 2nd time this has done this to us. What do I do? I cannot even get into any screen to do an update. My laptop is not even 2 years old and his is less

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    Hello All,


    Recently, the windows 10 factory installed in my probook 450 g3 notebook kept giving me the notification that my winodows is not activated. I thought it was an error with the operating system, so I reinstalled with a new copy downloaded from the microsoft website. I thought windows would automatically activate using the internet, but this has not happened.


    The previous windows 10 was a genuine copy that comes pre installed with the OS and did not come with an activation key sticker or anything like that. How do I get my windows 10 to activate?


    Please help.



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  • 11/15/18--08:04: HP Envy M7 broken hinges
  • I sent my laptop in because of the broken hinges, and after 2 months and numerous delays it finally came back to me, and instantly i noticed that the hinge that was supposed to be replaced looked like it was already starting to break again. I cannot afford to send it off for another 2 months to be fixed because i have finals in 2 weeks and all of my notes are on this computer. I have never dropped the laptop and i mostly keep it at home besides taking it to school with me 2 days a week and taking it with me to the library. The fact that i paid over $300 and went through hell to get it back because of the constant delays and the support team at HP giving me hardly any information gives me little to no hope that this issue will be resolved. Considering the amount of complaints for the exact same issue im surprised that HP hasnt recalled the laptops, or fixed the hinge problems for free. I can say that if these issues arent resolved i will never be purchasing a HP product again based on the poor customer service and poor product design. Other than the hinge problem i love my computer, but the amount i paid for it was not worth the trouble. If there is anything that someone from HP can do for me i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi, am dkg7, i want to do system recovery in my dv4.4141 us entertainment laptop. When i press f11 during startup it fails to bring recovery manager window and I don't have recovery program, where can download the recovery manager program? 


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    Hi! I bought a HP from another person selling it online. I've had it since early 2017, and it's worked fine until Monday. I went to load up a webpage and it froze, I unplugged it, pulled the battery, plugged everything back in and it went on to tell me that system recovery had failed. I did a diagnostic test on the hard drive and it told me this:


    Test Failed

    Failure ID: MCXTS3-7R699V-HFPWMF-619J03 (or O not sure)


    Product ID: N5Y05UA#ABA 


    Help! I don't know what to do. This is my main computer.

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    this keeps coming up when my daughter tries to log onto her school homework? what can i do    Oops, we couldn't connect to "File Explorer"
    The connection to the remote PC was lost. This might be because of a network connection problem. If this keeps happening, ask your admin or tech support for help.

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  • 11/15/18--09:40: Re: New laptop Very Slow
  •  Hi, I have the same problem with this laptop. It does everything very well once it has started up but until then it is incredibly slow for a brand-new expensive laptop. Nothing stored on it as and not too many apps/programmes either. Fully virus  protected from day 1 so I am most concerned  with a 5 to 10 minute start of a brand-new laptop,  have you tried the help provided and has it worked? Thanks.

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    I bought a new HP laptop about 6 weeks ago, and 2 weeks in with the new windows update it crashed. I have since spent hours on the phone with India based customer service, and nobody was able to figure out my problem. I had to have a box sent out to me to then send it in to be repaired, and despite providing my address to them TWICE they sent it to the wrong place. I now have my computer in a box somewhere out in the world with no idea on how to find it or who to talk to to figure it out. Can somebody provide me with contact info for US based customer service? It has been 4 weeks I have had to deal with this and it is getting ridiculous at this point. Thanks.

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    As many other people have reported, I can't not see the remaining time of usage when the notebook is running on battery

    2018-11-15 23_14_27-.jpg


    As indicated in other posts, I don't have the option to show the remaining time in the bios 23_16_32-Solved_ No Battery Time Remaining when clicking on battery icon in T... - Page 4.jpg


    I have also modified my registry base with no luck 23_19_28-windows 10 - missing battery time remaining estimation - Super User.jpg



    2018-11-15 23_21_46-Éditeur du Registre.jpg

    What else can I do ?


    I have two other laptops with the latest build of windows and have no problem to see the remaining battery life time.


    My laptop nb is Z2X67EA#ABF

    My bios version is P80 v1.23


    thanks for your help









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  • 11/15/18--15:56: Reboot
  • I need to reboot it but no shortcut works

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    I don't know what happened or if I did anything in particular but my HP Pavilion x2 Detachable is not starting up or allowing me to get past the blue screens. When it starts up, it asks me to "Choose your keyboard layout". I choose US and it then takes me to another blue screen titled "Choose an Option". The only 2 options on this screen are "Troubleshoot" or "Turn off your PC". When choosing "Troubleshoot", I have these options  and then these messages are what occurs when clicking on it. 


    1. System Restore - A box with a red X that states "To use System Restore, you must specify which Windows installation to restore. Restart the computer, select an operating system, and then select System Restore".** I of course, can't do anything after that. 
    2. Go back to the previous version - when clicking this it takes me to another blue screen with the following message: "We ran into a problem and won't be able to take you back to the previous version of Windows. Try resetting your PC instead of (Troubleshoot>Reset this PC). 
    3. Startup Repair - "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC"
    4. Command Prompt - I've tried numerous prompts which have all been unsuccessful. 
    5. System Image Recovery - "Windows cannot find a system image on this computer"
    6. UEFI Firmware Settings - Really don't know what to do here but I did try to click on "Run Startup" and it took me back to the same thing. 

    Any help or assistance is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! 

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    I'm having the same issue cnu9336S0B

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    I've done the startup an hard disk test, and they are okay

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    As the mentioned laptop model, I’ve been facing with this issue for my laptop, where everytime if I turn on the WiFi, my laptop stop working. I’ve sent it to the shop for a general format, still I face the same issue. Hope HP / community look into this and help me further on this. Thanks!

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    После установки Wondows 10 x64 не работает драйвер intel management engine. Стоит ошибка 10 и восклицательный знак. Скаченные с вашего сайта драйвера не решают проблемы. Из-за того что драйвер не работает - отказывается работать режим слип. Долгая загрузка операционной системы. При этом до установки данного драйвера режим слип работает.

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    My computer froze and shut down last night. Then when I powered on, it came up with a critical system Failed blue screen.

    It then goes to another blue screen allowing me the options of 'Continue; exit and continue to windows'  'turn off your pc'  'use a device; Windows recover' and 'troubleshoot; reset your pc'. 

    I have tried all except the troubleshoot as I don't want to lose my files on my computer. 


    Can someone please advise if I should reset to my computer and reinstall Windows, and if it will keep my files? 

    Or if there's another way to access my desktop? 

     I think I have the Windows 10 installed but can't be certain. 



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  • 11/16/18--02:30: i forgot my bios password
  • My bios code is 50914976

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    I reset my computer, after it finisher I opened and it asked my to set time and connect to the internet after that it would say "pleas wait" then restart and go back to the time and the internet, after a while it fixer it self and started logging in as administrator and started downloading the HP software but half way the page would say not responding and it would restart the pic only to do the sameness think over again 

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    Hello. I restarted my laptop the other day and it shut itself off. I didnt realise until the day when I tried logging on. Now it's going to a blue screen and the booting down to a black screen, then back to the blue, then back to black. When I pause the startup and try to get to the system recovery options it won't open. I'll get the HP logo and a loading circle. After 20-30 seconds it goes black and stays there.


    EDIT: The blue screen finally loaded the error code is 0xc000000f.

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    I bought this Laptop with windows 10, but it is not working acceptable.

    I wanted to go back to windows 7, but there was no recovery diisk.

    Where con i download the iso file for Windows 7 Home Premium OA x16-96072. 

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