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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    When trying to turn on my laptop I get a hard disk failure, I then tried a system test on the hard drive and this failed providing me with this failure I’d: GU2TWK-75099U-MFPV7G-608U03 is there anyone who can held me with this? 

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    My laptop has been running poorly for a while (slow... lots of hard drive type sounds)

    This weekend was especially bad.  Then I noticed the caps lock key was blinking (5 long blinks, 3 short blinks, repeat).  Looking for any solutions 

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    hi I have this system disabled 


    please help

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  • 11/12/18--15:32: Re: BIOS pasword
  • i have this code does anybody can hel me with the code??




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    Hi, im having issues, after i login it comes up it cant find desktop and is not accessible and access denied . I only have access to win+r . Background is i performed a reset and couldnt log in or create a new account through safe mode so i did one through  command and it worked.  I cant get access to anything once in. 

    I have tried safe mode, 

    media recovery creation tool (it says i have drivers to intall windows) and i am unableto repair windows. 

    I have tried reseting it mutiple times. 

    I think there is a corrupt file on it  but how do i clear it if its still showing up after a reset (i removed everything and cleaned drive)?

    I just want access to my computer, please help !! 

    Thankyou in advance 


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    I am facing problem during typing.  When i need symbol of @ instead of that its appear at shift 2 key, its appear by key shift+dash key. 


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    Hello HP Community,


    I was reading that you can change the BIOS setting to Balance or Performance mode for the HP Laptop. In Balance mode the processor frequency is capped to improve battery life.

    Does this mean, when I am working with my laptop on battery with Outlook, etc., to go the BIOS setting and choose "balance"? And when I do e.g. playing games, go again to the BIOS setting and choose "performance"? Everytime when I boot my Laptop go to BIOS and choose for today's task, balance or performance?


    Thanks for the feedback.

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  • 11/13/18--01:34: Keyboard nonresponsive
  • The keyboard on my 2-3 yr old laptop has, frequently, stopped working under Windows.Usually, have to boot to the BIOS. I have found that pressing F2 will call the diagnostics. Then I just Exit & let it boot up. Then the KB works.

    The KB non-responsiveness can happen while using the 'puter or after waking up.

    I have searched for this issue without luck. Yesterday I re-installed Win 10 using a newly created 1803 build installer. This morning the KB was not working. Had to enter and exit the BIOS menu.

    Is there a solution for this?

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  • 11/13/18--03:40: Windows/system 32
  • When I start my lap top I get blue screen with " Prepairing Automatic Repair"

    Then I get "Diagnosing your PC"  cannot get any further  I then get Automatic Repair.

    I cannot get any further and my lap top will not do anything Please Help

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  • 11/13/18--05:16: No bootable device

    I switched on my laptop after about six months, it started booting, but before the process was complete, an error message came on the screen, indicating 3F1, kept on trying, now the message is, No bootable device ---- insert boot disk and press any key. 

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    I switched on my Laptop after six months, it started booting, but before completing a message indicating 3F1 came up on the screen, i kept on trying then i got messageNo bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any disk.


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  • 11/13/18--07:45: Windows code
  • How do I get my windows 7 product key.     I need to make a start up disc.   I can download it from Microsoft but they want my product key.   For my windows program.       My laptop was pre installed with windows when I bought it.   As far as I’m aware don’t hp have it on file ? 

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    Hello all,

    I wished to Install Windows again onto my Probook 4320S. But now im experiencing problems with finding the correct Windows for my computer.

    I have lost the recovery cd´s years ago, and even tried to install a "regular" Win 7 Pro, but without success. It did not work with my Windows product key that can be found underneath the machine on a sticker.

    The problem seems to be the letters OA. I cannot fid a Win 7 Pro OA anywhere?

    Any ideas?


    Thanx in advance!


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    Hi my laptop was closed for about 5 months i switched it on today updates started after that screen is brighten but nothing coming on display. Its giving code 637730-7SQ99V-MFPWMF-60XK03


    Saying harddrive dst failure

    Any guesses whats wrong. Sorry gor mistakes my english is not good 

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    I had to replace the hard drive with had a total failure and I am looking for the complete recovery manager system on a flashdrive. I am willing to pay for it. HP no longer supports it. Thanks

    Contact me at [personal information removed per Rules Of Participation]

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    I have an HP ENVY 15-as166nr with Windows 10. The touchpad cursor and keyboard stopped working after a Windows Defender Device Performance and Health suggestion. It said there "One or more of the HID (I think) keyboard may not be working properly to run the hardware and device troubleshooter". 

    I didn't see or know of a problem, but I ran the test. It then asked to restart the computer to see if the issue was resolved.


    The HID they are referring to is a wireless mouse I use by Logi.


    When the notebook restarted, there no cursor and the keyboard did not work.I restarted it again and hit the esckey until the Bios opened, which it did. The f10 etc keys worked as well as the arrow keys.


    I restarted it again and still no keypad or cursor.


    I was able to get to the device manager and open it. Under keyboards (with the wireless mouse usb plugged in) it  shows

    HID Keyboard Device with the caution sign

    Standard PS/2 Keyboard with a caution sign

    When I touch both to open them they both read  "Windows cannot start this hardware because it's configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

    And under mice and other pointing devices it shows

    HID compliant mouse shows this device is working properly.

    Synaptics SMBUS Touchpad with a caution sign it says (this device cannot start (Code 10) insufficient resourses exist to complete the API.


    When the wireless mouse USB is removed it just shows the same responses under the keyboard and mice.

    Windows cannot start this hardware because it's configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

    Synaptics SMBUS Touchpad with a caution sign it says (this device cannot start (Code 10) insufficient resourses exist to complete the API.


    Can you Help?

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  • 11/13/18--12:51: Reset to factory settings
  • Hello. I have a pavilion notebook. I am trying to reset to factory settings to remove my personal data before gifting it to a friend. It won't reset however as an additional 2.25GB of space is required on the C drive. I have deleted as many files as I can and apps and run disk clean up etc however it is nowhere near getting the additional space.

    I am very confused as to why disk space is needed to reset and am at a total loss as to how to resolve this. I have a 32MB memory card and an external hard drive with tons of free storage but still can't get anywhere.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Kind thanks. 


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    Ok, I just did a BIOS Update on my laptop and it last said the screen will be black for a few minutes, but I shall not turn the Laptop off. The Laptop has now a black screen, but the power light, battery light and usb light are activated. The Laptop doesn‘t do anything (well I can‘t hear anything).


    Does anybody have a solution?



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    I can no longer access the bios setup utility.  After 3 atempts entering the password I get a disabled code 01091.  Is there a work around for this?

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    Hi, i need to activate cpu virtualization in the bios

    But i cant remember the password, what should i do? 


    I have all ownership documents plus serial number and product id

    But it seems they dont support this model anymore :(


    How can i reach to the bios settings?? 

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