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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 11/10/18--20:32: system disabled password
  • My hp stream11 system disabled password is (i 59966114) I tried bios. recovery password but it is not working. yundefinedqoogg33v.. Please help 

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  • 11/11/18--14:39: Recovery Boot from USB
  • I am trying to do a recovery boot from a USB. I got a link from the HP support and set everything up and the flash drive is prepared. When I choose the USB as a boot option from F9 it just goes to a black HP screen. 


    A little background: my original problem was the black screen with  preparing automatic updates when I tried to turn it on. I performed the quick and extended test, both of which everything came back passed. I tried the F11 route and the same black screen with please wait popped up and lasted for a long time. I contacted hp support and they sent me the recovery files in a link to put on a USB. and now I’m stuck with hours of the black HP screen with no other options or screens to select anything 

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    The laptop was running well yesterday. When I rebooted, several programs (Error Message: The file could not be accessed by the System") would not open and I could not open Update & Security in the Settings. I decided that my only recourse would be to wipe the drive and reinstall. 


    I opened BIOS and tried to change the UEFI boot order to a USB Boot Stick with Version 1809 on it. I moved it to the top of the order, but their was a "carot" pointing to the "Boot Manager", which was now 2nd in the order. i tried to boot, and it booted to the Boot Manager. I tried this several times, going back into the BIOS to see if something else would work. No matter what I did, it booted to the Boot Manager. 


    Any ideas?

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    HP 15-bw094AU
    Microsoft Windows 7 (64-Bit)
    Hi team,
    I have two usb 3 port in my laptop so that i want the drivers,could you please help me to get the drivers. I have checked already all the drivers in this site for my model but there is no drivers for usb 3 port 
    thanks in advance

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    So my 2 year old daughter decided she was going to do my college school work for me while I was in the other room, when I returned, my computer had a black screen with a blue box that read "Enter administrator password or power on password". I typed in my password that usually logs me into my laptop but it didn't work. I tried a couple times thinking I maybe just had a typo. Then a different blue box appeared that said system disabled code and gave me a number. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I would really appreciate some help especially with so much school work to complete and that being my only device to do so. 

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    diagnostic check hard disk failure with 24 digit code-




    not sure if the 0 (number) is actually an O (letter)


    if so then the error code is-



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  • 11/11/18--22:14: Recovery error
  • Hello guys! I have a problem with the rocovery my OS. How it fix? Please help.IMG_20181112_111234.jpg

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  • 11/12/18--00:58: Black screen
  • At connection of power supply units the laptop begins. At the same time on the screen the black Caps Lock indicator once blinks operation of the fan. In what there can be a problem.

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  • 11/12/18--03:22: Pavilion X360 P smoking
  • I purchased this laptop in June, on Friday last week I was sat using it, when it crackled, smoke came out of it and it switched off.  This was an extremely frightening experience.  The product is clearly faulty.  I returned it to Currys PC world, where they tell me it will take 7 working days to look at it and decide what will happen.  In the meantime I have no laptop for work, I experience a dangerous situation and there appears to be little consideration for any of this.

    I am looking for a HP Customer Service contact.  When I research, it would appear that HP have had to do a number of recalls due to faulty batteries.  It would appear as if the problem is continuing.

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    Error message U0895F-8A699U-XD7X61-609E03. WANT TO BACKUP PHOTOS 

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    hello , i was installed new operating system window 7 64-bit and i have a issue with universal serial bus not foundCapture.PNG

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    • It keeps on looping and showing several message screens like CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, SCANNING AND REPAIRING DRIVE and never goes into login screen.

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  • 11/12/18--07:24: HP 15-bn070wm Bios key
  • HP 15-bn070wm power on pass system diabled {i  59520621}

    Need key generated from 59520621 hex

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    Just got a brand new HP Spectre X360.  Noticed the fan is running continuously for just modest web/text editing usage.  Checked Task Manager and see an excessive CPU usage (~25% continuous) from "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation".  Some forums said to disable audio effects from any audio devices - I tried to turn off any that I could find from Realtek or Bang and Olufsen but didn't make any impact.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello community of HPers! I have a problem with the BIOS password of my Pro Book and nobody on the "Support Team" wanted to help me. I need a SMC. bin file and the unqualified members of the mother company said to me that there is nothing to do if the notebook isn't in the guarantee period. It is fair? Anyone knows something about this? 

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    Hey Community, 

    i got a problem with my laptop. Since a few days my battery doesn't load anymore. I got a new one, but this one also doesn't load. I found out that there may be a problem with my BIOS, cause it's still from 2016. 

    I got version F.74-11/18/2015

    Does anybody now which is the newest version useful for my laptop and where can I get it? 

    Help would be much appreciated. 



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    My laptop has been running slow, drops the wi-if and freezes regularly. 

    Checked virus free

    clean booted

    updated Bios

    short drive test passed

    bjt long drive test it gets stuck at 10% it’s not frozen as the “round circle” (technical term!) keeps going round it seems to be repeating the process.


    any help would be greatly received.





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  • 11/12/18--11:47: Boot device not found
  • Just got this error message... help495DC52B-6887-4DBE-9B6E-910B94332A54.jpeg


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    I want to reset the factory data of my windows 7 ultimate.But when i do the F8 thingie it doesn't show me the factory data reset option


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    Only had my Spectre 4 months - so in warranty-  but the battery life has declined hugely. All my drivers and BIOS up to date, screen brightness 40%. I used to get hours on end, now it has halved to 3 hrs if I am lucky. Usage is the same - spreadsheets, internet. I havent changed. I dont want to go down the warranty return route, but I really wanted more. What has happened?

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