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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 11/08/18--04:36: No power to laptop
  • Hi I am unable to get my HP laptop to power up at all. Just picked it up one day nad noticed that there was no led on where the power lead goes in and the laptop is dead. I have tried all of the HP website suggestions but to no avail. I have tested the supply at the power lead end and am getting 19v so this seems ok. Any ideas?

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  • 11/08/18--05:17: New HP Omen Freezes
  • Hey All,


    My Laptop just freezes randomly and does not unfreeze unless I close it or either take out the power cord or plug it if its not already charging. This seems to be a common issue going back years, so I am not sure why it still happens on this series. Any quick fixes? Can you just patch it or something?

    Also, I am not even gaming, I just like cool looking laptops. 


    Kind regards,

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    I'm unable to log into my computer. All the password I provided didn't match & it's not letting me to reset my password 

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    I can't click on the settings

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  • 11/08/18--06:18: need Windows for G56
  • Hi,
    I need to reinstall Windows 7 on an old G56 which got hit with viruses. I tried to download from Microsoft using key on sticker but it would not allow me to.
    How can I reinstall Please?


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    Cant get n my hp 3 tries n my error code # I 76538858...can someone plz help so i can get n my computer....Thanks ✌

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    I have an HP Pavilion laptop, 4 or 5 years old, that suffered a failed HD. I sent it to a company to have my data recovered. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how to get a new HD and get windows 10 installed again. Do I really have to pay for the OS?

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    So I’m not able to reboot my laptop at all I tried with a cd and everything it still refuses

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  • 11/08/18--09:16: Re: recovery bios
  • Hi

    I have an exactly similar issue with my HP DV6 3140 SA laptop. I was updating the bios when the keyboard and mouse froze. After a force restart, the laptop display won't turn on. No beeps, mute and wifi keys turn on orange. I tried to recover bios using HP guidance using a USB stick but no avail. Then I came across your post and downloaded and installed 4 in 1 key, on USB, but still with no luck.  I learned from 4 in 1 key documentation that my laptop DV6  is supported for bios recovery using that software.

    My laptop was working perfectly fine before that bios update attempt.

    Any ideas to get my system up again will be highly appreciated


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  • 11/08/18--09:23: bsod error code
  • my notebook won't start it just shows a blue screen with the error Log file: C:\windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt and the only this I installed was the Sims 4, Origin for the sims 4, Malwarebytes from my old school, and Google Chrome and at first it was saying hard disk 1 (301) but I did that scan it said it passed  I looked online for how to fix it but can't find any please help my notebook is not even a month old

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    My computer won't recognize my Kobo Aura ereader.

    The ereader says "connected and charged" when I plug it in. This is what usually happens but now, it does not open the device on my computer. it is not in my devices nor is it in the "safely remove hardware" list where it always appears. The ereader should not be unplugged without ejecting it properly. this is impossible because it's not recognized.

    I am not computer savvy. I have restarted my computer several times.  The USB port seems to be working and I have tried the ereader in other ports without luck. It recognizes my phone and camera but not the Kobo.

    Troubleshooting say sthat intel(r) trusted execution engine interface has a driver problem.  Then, it tells me there is no solution available.

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  • 11/08/18--11:51: Automatic Repair Loop Issue
  • My laptop had been running slow so I tried to reset it but when I tried to reset it it kept saying "There was an issue resetting this PC, no changes were made". So I forced it into Automatic Repair Mode by powering it off and then hitting F11 but it never automatically fixed anything anything. I was from this point on unable to get Windows to boot. So I tried literally  everything under advanced options and still nothing, it just stays in the loop. I even tried some command prompts but nothing. I dis run a quick test and it did fail. Is there any other way to get it to boot up without taking it to a repair shop? Ive been going at it for 5 days now. I also tried taking the battery out, unplugging the charger and holding the power button and then restarting it but still nothing but the loop happens.

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  • 11/08/18--12:17: ElitBook nejde zapnout
  • Hello. I have a problem with my HP EliteBook 8530p (ENERGY STAR). After turning off the icon, it can not be turned on. I have to take out a small and a large flashlight and then turn on itself when connected to the current. Never before he did not

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    Hello can you help me please, I want to perform a clean installation of windows 10, but I can not delete the existing partitions, with diskpart apparently deletes them but at the end shows an error "windows could not prepare the equipment to start the next phase of installation". Im using an 2.0 usb pendrive in the 3.0 usb port.  Thanks in advace for your help.


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    I need to download a recovery disk for my laptop. System will not boot to windows

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  • 11/08/18--13:44: Re: USB ports do not work
  • Hello:   I have a similar problem.   Fairly new Zbook Studio G3 and 2 of the 3 USB ports do not seem to work.   The 2 on the left do not work,  the one on the right side does.   OS is W7 Pro 64 bit.  Latest windows update and drivers are I believe installed.  I dont have an unknown device in my Device Manager.  One thing that is odd is that during the installation of the Realtek USB and Media Card drivers,  specifically SP80267,  HP's support assistant cant find a windows file to do the update, so this fails to install.  I am wondering if this may be why the USB ports on the left side do not work.  Any ideas? 



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    can't navigate to any thing all files empty  says token does not exist I nee to know where to return it it is 4 mos old



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    My HP laptop shut off last night when I left for a few minutes, when I came back the screen was black and it wouldnt turn on. I figured it died and plugged it in and decided to let it sit for the night but when I woke up in the morning it still would not turn on. I tried different plugs and outlets throughout my house but still no response. My laptop has a sealed battery that I am unable to get to. Please help, all my files are oniit.

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  • 11/08/18--21:46: Forgot owner password
  • I can't remember the password 


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