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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    On start up, get a "Smart Hard Disk Error" message. States there is an imminent failure


    When I run the F2 diagnostics, I get a Hard Drive error message MC70HG-70R9A4-MFPWWK-60A303 - have looped through and restarted several times 


    Can you help?


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    I have mentioned hp notebook  . I facing problem since i purchased it. When ever i trying to open  hp media  and hp music  applications  and other installed games  it start hanging  then i have to open task manager to close the application.  I day i notice what is happening behind it . I open task manager and i see disk touching 100% . I cheaked it in my friends laptop there is no disk in taskmanager only CPU , RAM .  I try to find its solutions but there is nothing to help me . I visited  at universal  service center in my city there i get to here something very different  . They said sir i don't know what is that  and advice me that sir amd processors are not good for heavy games and applications.  Where as i believe that amd is good but this disk problem make it like first android phone...  why i getting 100% what is the reason behind it . Now product  is out of warranty.     Model 15-g082no


    Some time it touch 90% just with Google chrome   and  with internet explorer 

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    I have exactly same issue but only one difference, I bought my HP laptop with Win10 preinstalled. Can you help me find my product key? Thanks!

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    My hard drive failed and I could not get the product key as a result. The laptop comes with windows 10 installed.

    How can I get my product key in the case?


    PLease help!!! much appreciation!

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    Hard drive died. Ordered a new one (it's in the mail). Need to get the OS and drivers for a HP Pavilion dv6-6110us. HP seems not to have them. When I entered the Serial Code from the battery compartment, HP comes up with a completely different model. (Trust me, I checked it three times!)

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  • 11/20/18--16:29: Signed Driver
  • Got my G7 previously stated in another question to the windows seven installer on the startup but it gets halfway through the install and restarts all over from the beginning. Upon further inspection it says that the correct drivers are not installed . I tried downloading the drivers from hp recovery but they will not work for some reason help


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    I have 5 external hard drives one of which is an HP, no problem with this one. A Seagate, and Western Digitals.  Two San DIsk flash drives.  Up until a few days ago all of the above were functioning and displaying on the WIndows FIle Mgr and Disk Mgt in the Device Mgr.  Now only the HP is being recognized and shows up on the File Mgr.  When I plug these directly into the lapt USB port I get beep, the little lite on the drives flashes and that is it, I go to WIndows FIle Mgr of the Device Mgr and there is no recognition of these drives.  This afternoon I tried my extra flash drives that I don't use much and all were recognized before.  This same problem arouse sometime ago and I was able to fix it, problem is I can't remember how I did it. I happened to all the hard drives listed above and the HP plus the 2 flash drives.  Where and how I ended up fixing it was in some properties box that said the current drive was not enabled, I clicked enable for all of them and the hard drives were good to go.  I thought I would give this forum a look before contacting HP support, the machine is still under warrantee for Hardware issues.


    Thanks and any information would be appreciated


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  • 11/20/18--19:32: CARD READER not working?
  • My memory card with pictures does not down load to my labtop HP G61-448CA.  S#: [edit] Product: WA97IUA#ABC can someone please help me to get it working.

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    Chromebook turns on but dooes not boot up. screen light is on.


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    I recently got a laptop for my birthday from a friend, however he stated he forgot the bios password I contacted HP and they told me that I would need to send it into a hp repair facility and get a motherboard replacement for $360 I believe they said, I asked to talk to a supervisor to see if there was another way. There is many forums on this product stating that I could be sent a bin file to reset the password to get into bios that says solved however hp had no such fix they stated. This is rediculious this is a bios password that prevents me from acessing the laptop, I tried removing the cmos battery I tried removing the hard drive and waiting hours and reinstalled everything and nothing works. I understand that the bios password is security but passwords can be forgettin and in older model notebooks there are master keys to unlock but in this model is not I will probably never buy a hp product again after the frustration I have been having with the horrible support who just want me to get the motherboard replaced when it works fine, as friend used it a little over a week ago and literally lost the written password is there any other solution I can do? Please can anyone help? 

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    My HP envy is just over two years old. Nothing has ever happened to it (so no damage). About a a month and a half ago i started getting this weird screen glitch if I moved my computer suddenly or even typed too hard . Everything would get super pixelated and my computer would shutdown and restart. After about a week of that my computer shutoff one day because of it and would not reboot. My power button would light up and i could hear the fan running but nothing on the screen. Soon after I took it in to the best buy geek squad, they could not service it since it was out of warranty but they advised me to remove the cover and reseat both of my RAMs. Upon doing this, my computer powered on and worked perfectly for about another week or two. Then the same black screen came back where my power button would light up but no screen display. I tried reseating the RAMs and the SSD but no luck. I also followed the HP BIOS recovery and still nothing. Any suggestions to what this could be and how to fix it? Or at least someway top recover my files? Thanks

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    i have Big problem with my laptop. I cant do recovery from usb. The hp firm give me two usb and booth the same problems. I take the bios to defoult and then restore. But on the finish its write. The recovery try is filled. Try again. When i check errors its write ,,p2pp burnboot check failed” found failed at pininst_bbv and bbv2. 

    What i can do to do reconvery. 

    Thanks for help. 

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    Context – My father has a struggling 2012ish HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1130us that he uses for personal computing and taxes (he has to keep this tax software intact)


    The Goal - is to upgrade my father’s HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1130us (2012ish) that has a 32gb SSD and a 500gb HDD to a Samsung EVO 860 500gb SSD.


    My Initial Solution – Simply clone the main HDD with Samsung’s migration software, power down and swap the drives.


    Result – After the swap, the system booted into windows the first time. I powered down and fully reassembled the laptop. On the second boot I got a recovery screen, it did not make it windows log in screen. From the recovery screen I got option to go to an Intel Rapid Storage Tech menu in the bios and the option to reset disks to non-RAID.


    The Issue – Turns out that the 32 SSD is partitioned and in RAID 0. One partition is a striped and the other is a cache.  After reinstalling the 500 HDD and booting into Windows the Intel Rapid Storage Tech application showed the cache as an accelerator for the main HDD. In file explorer --> drive C --> properties --> hardware it lists both the 500gb HDD and the 32gb SSD…which makes me think the striped partition on the 32SSD is part of the drive C and may be critical to the OS.


    My Question Is – If I reinstall the cloned new SSD and reset the disks to non-RAID in the bios menu will I lose critical OS related files/data on that striped partition of the 32gb SSD and brick the system? or Can I recover/rebuild the OS from a Win 10 installation media USB and not lose anything?


    My Second Question – Is there another way to achieve my goal? e.g. Fresh install of Win 10 on new SSD then restore from an ISO image of the original C drive?


    Additional info – I have found some information for HP’s with this small SSD accelerator configuration and they are all related to disabling the RAID and doing a fresh OS install…This does not apply because I need to keep the original OS and Software.

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    I have a multi-Boot Envy, Product No.  F1J39AV, with Intel(R) Core(TM) processor  i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz, RAM is 12GB,  and dual  hard disks (each 1TB-5400 Hybrid- ST1000LM014-1EJ164)


    • My current Windows OS release is 1703, and I would like to update my Windows OS to 1803  KB4467702 (OS Build 17134.407), but I can 't find my Notebook listed in the approved test list : should  I update or not?



    • If yes, where is the ISO version to download? I prefer to install fresh windows for better PC performance.
    • What is the best installing sequence (order/steps) to avoid Boot Repair commands (I have 2 OS Windows 10, and Ubuntu)?
    • One more thing how could I get copy or image from Boot sectors, and save it in the HD or stick memory, then how to restore it in the command prompt.




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  • 11/21/18--01:52: plugged in, not charging
  • laptop showing plugged in, not charging

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    Recently i did a clean installation of windows 10 and after all my hp applications are lost and when iam searching for recovery manger nothing shows up. As i tried to install it manually by downloading setup for notebook from hp website but it did not solve the problem.I cannot perform factory reset without hp recovery manager by pressing f11 keys .I cant see system recovery on f11 keys.Recovery partition is still present .As i installed recovery manager in  recovery drive(because before clean installtion i can open recovery manager from there too) when iam opening it from there error harddisk.dll not found and dzip32.dll not found


    Please Help and Thanks in advanceScreenshot (1).pngScreenshot (2).png

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  • 11/21/18--03:01: bios update error
  • my hp phavilion laptob going black screen i read froums and other etc

    and i realise that i should update bioss i tried to update bios with usb driver it write compelety now during verifying stopped at 59% what should i do ?!

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  • 11/21/18--04:50: Windows 7 OA CIS and GE
  • Где мне найти образ windows 7 домашняя базовая OA CIS и GE? ???  лицензия, для установки и использования ключа активации с крышки ноутбука

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    I have Elitebook 850 G5, the laptop has total of 2 regular usb ports both 3.1 gen 1 (not counting the USB-C).

    Port on the left side is marked as charging port (it should be able to provide more power and even when the system is sleeping).

    When i plug any device into the port (mouse, communication device, presenter) it gets power, but it is completely ignored by windows. In device manager there is absolutely no change, no sign anywhere that anything was connected. 

    The other USB works just fine.


    I have tried updating chipset drivers, following HP USB troubleshooting guides, re-installing the USB hubs in device manager, checking EUFI settings. Nothing helped so far. 

    Any ideas ? 

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    Please help me out  with the BIOS PASSWORD for HP Probook 4530's. I forgot the Password years back and i can't bypass it now.

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