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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    I want to reinstall my laptop but because the laptop was pre installed I have to do it with the recovery manager. There is no recovery manager on my laptop and for what I understand I can`t use the productkey that I have so I first have to go back to factory state of the laptop.

    Who can help me out?

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  • 01/08/19--10:25: How do I stop the emails
  • I placed a message yesterday about no boot device found.  While I appreciate all the advice, I can’t even get on the computer to try them.

    how do I get off this site so the emails stop?

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  • 01/08/19--11:01: réinitialiser le bios
  • bonsoir, s'il plait j'aimerais réinitialiser le mot de passe de mon bios. Il est sécurisé.

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    I've been attempting to login to my laptop with my usual microsoft password. My laptop says it is incorrect, although I have never changed it. When I click 'reset password', it comes up with the error message 'this feature requires removable media such as a USB flash drive. Please connect a USB flash drive, and then try again.'


    Please advise on how to move forward

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    Black screen and blue bar, just bought the laptop from a friend for a secong college laptop but can't get off this screen.

    System Disabled

    [i  84774203]

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    Help: Had a motherboard failure on my HP SPectre x360 within 6 months of factory warranty expiration. I am in graduate school and went into debt buying what I thought would be a great computer that could get me through my 3 year program because I was told it was a quality product that was worth the money (my fault in retrospect). Unfortunately I was wrong. Paid close to $2000 for a computer that no longer works only a little longer than 2 years after purchase. Sent it in to best buy (where I bought the computer from), was told it was a failed motherboard and would cost nearly $700 to fix. This is one of FOUR HP laptops to fail on me right after factory warranty expiration in the last 8 years. HP has done nothing to help in the past so I am reaching out one last time. I cannot get a hold of HP tech support via telephone so I turned here. If HP refuses to help this time I will no longer be purchasing products from this company and will advising all of the people I work with in the University and the hospital to stay away from HP products as the products they produce constantly break and are not backed by the company that created them. I have spent way too much money to have to buy a new product every 2 years. I am asking one last time for help and then I will be moving on.

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    I Recently installed Windows 10 on an HP dv5-1159 for my friend. Everything works flawlessly except there is a single Yellow bang (device unkown) in dev manager. I foud a driver a couple of days back for ''HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection" from a guy named "Banheim" which seemed to satisfy it, but then came the dreaded 'October Update' which apparently blew it away (yelllow bang is now back). I was wondering if anyone can find the driver as I can't. The Hardware ID is:




    ..any help would be appreciated! - Thanks!


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    i got this code help me

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  • 01/09/19--03:37: Slowness on AC supply
  • Hello,


    Thanks for reading me here. I have a problem that I cannot solve on my current laptop (last version of Win10).


    • When the laptop is on battery and not plugged with 220v, everything works fine.
    • When I plugged it with electricity, the laptop becomes very slow (not all the time but mostly).

    I checked the battery settings and I turned off all the energy savings. I killed all the programs that are running in background such as windows update but it did not solve my problem.


    Would you have any idea how to fix that situation ?


    Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day.


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    My screen doesn’t turn on. Screen stays black but the power light turns on and the caps lock light flashes/blinks consistently. I assume it’s stuck in sleep or hibernate mode but can’t get it out 

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    I started my computer and it just made this high-ptiched sound that is unbearable to work around or to be around. My computer is approximately 2 1/2 years old, is it something physical that is damaged or is it something in my motherboard that has given up? Iv'e read about coil whine and such, but all of them seem to say that it is impossible to fix. 



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    I’m trying to reset my HP stream laptop to factory settings however every time I try to do so it keeps bringing up a message saying “there isn’t enough space to perform this please create space” 


    i have deleted all all my personal files off the computer and there is nothing left on other than the stuff that it originally came with, however I need to reset it too get my Microsoft profile of it before I sell it.


    not sure what to do, any help would be great thank you. 

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  • 01/09/19--04:57: Unlock Bios
  • Product: hp notebook
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)
    Same problem, system disabled, error code
    i  58969408
    please help me

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    I turned on my school laptop this morning and there was about and inch and a half wide bar on the left side. There are also colored lines at the bottom. I've tried everything I knew and nothing worked and I have an assignment due at noon. Help?

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    Good time Everyone,


    Please help to RE-Install Windows 10 from USB flash-driver to my notebook HP Envy X2 PC

    (It does not load anyway, only like with BIOS).

    If You know HOW to do it right and accurately on this PC model and you share this knowledge with me, I will be very glad.

    And If somebody write for this process instruction STEP-by-STEP, I think it will be very nice and very USEFUL for me and ANOTHER person who has SUCH problem.

    Beforehand Thank You for attention and Your help.


    P.S. we, girls, LOVE our PC as like men love their cars-)

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    I reset Windows to factory settings, preliminarily saving backup files on the hard disk. When transferring files back to the laptop, the program hangs at 28%  and then gives an error fffff15. Help, very urgently need files from the old Windows.


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  • 01/09/19--07:49: Black screen
  • Good day

    My laptop suddenly shows a black screen but when u switch it on it goes on , had sound its just that nothing shows on the screen I tried doing the black screen of death restart but still no picture please help me out 

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  • 01/09/19--07:52: Dual Booting Configuration
  • I would like to install Ubuntu Linux in my laptop. How can I do it without disturbing the recovery partition and without loosing my primary partition and all the licensed software products. Thanks

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    My keyboard ramdonly loses the connection with the keyboard about once per day.  25% of the time it corrects on its own after a while.  I then detach and reattach to connect but only works 25% of the time.  Couple that with plugging in the system for AC power working about 25% of the time.   And restarting as a last resort while doing the first 3 options at the same time.  No logical explaination as to which will work or even why it randomly does this.  The system doesn't show any apps or programs using up the Ram or stuck.

    My first guess is the battery in the keyboard is going bad.  Next guess is the physical connection to the display is bad.

    Any suggestions or similar problems>

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    Absolutely no way of booting. All checks possible carried out but only charging light and fan going. No beeps. Machine cost £350 and now being asked for £200 plus need to get data restored. Shoukd I just throw it away?

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