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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    receiving message when turning on computer enter administrator password or power on password. system disabled i 59085227.  what is the password to boot up laptop?

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    After doing  a bios lockout  recovery.  Windows restarted and then got this error message... windows could not complete the installation.  To install windows on this computer. Restart the installation....


    The system just loops from administer passward to reload windows.  Can anybody help with this dilemma? 

    The system just loops


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  • 12/25/18--04:34: Windows 8 return
  • Hello. A long time ago I reinstalled the operating system. I had windows 8 (when I bought a laptop) It seems to me that it is better to get it back to work properly. Even on the back of the laptop sticker "Windows 8" Help me get it back. Is it possible to ?

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  • 12/25/18--07:33: Missing os in Chromebook hp
  • I just purchased a computer and when my daughter opens it to start it up we get a message saying chrome os is missing or damaged. This is a refurbished computer. I don't have another Chromebook to get the os system recovery I need to know what to do.

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  • 12/25/18--07:34: Cannot get to desktop
  • After a Windows 10 update my Elite desktop is in  HP diagnostic  repair loop where none of the options work such as restore  reset etc. It just reverts back to the original diagnostic screen. 

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  • 12/25/18--08:02: battery capacity low
  • WhatsApp Image 2018-12-25 at 9.30.50 PM.jpeg

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    hello. hhd broke on my laptop. I'm going to replace the drive with an SSD. But my operating system key is sewn into a laptop. I wanted to download the ISO of Windows 7 from the Microsoft website, but they write that I should contact HP. How can I recover my license and transfer windows to SSD? I do not have ISO Windows 7.

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    I accidentally deleted all partition on my laptop CQ58-237SF (including HP boot recovery partition) when I try to install a fresh windows installation
    I didn't know it does not support retail version of Windows ...
    I seach on hp support site a Recovery Media for this laptop version but cannot find any.

    Where can I get an HP version of Windows to reset installation on my laptop ?


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    My hard drive recently crashed on my sons laptop. I have replaced the hard drive but the repair disk created back when the pc was first purchased is damaged and does not work.


    I need to reinstall the operating system, is there disks or downloads avaliable to dot this? I have another laptop avaliable to download iso files onto a usb but don't want to purchase a new windows program for a pc that already had it.


    any advise would be much appriciated.


    Thank you

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  • 12/25/18--10:24: Memory stick don't work
  • I cant used memory stick becouse get mistake "you don't currently have permission to access this folder". How can I correct this problem?

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    I am currently using Windows 10. Suddenly, it's started write protecting my USB devices when I plug them in. I am not able to format my USB devices. I am using Kaspersky internet security and regularly updating it, so chances of any virus is also less. kindly suggest ways to solve this issue

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    Every time I turn on my laptop it turns out to be a page said “auto repair couldn’t repair your pc”. I clicked and checked each of the options in the advanced options and they didn’t work. Basically I just can’t use my pc now since it’s always in the blue screen nowmmexport1545765753033.jpg


     I am even not able to reset my laptop sice it said that "additional free space is needed on the drive where windows is installed". (I choose thet option that remove everything).15457660206710.9044713795546565.jpg


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  • 12/25/18--12:47: Cannot find operating system
  • I followed steps to reset my notebook to factory settings. After it has completed there is a black screen with the message cannot find operating system. I have tried resetting and booting back put but the same message returns.

    If someone can help or walk me through steps how to get my notebook up and running this would be appreciated.

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    I had only a HDD in my laptop and then a got a SSD disc, so I installed Windows 10 on it by using a DVD where was a instalation media made from Media Creation Tool. Before I installed it on SSD, i disconnected HDD. The instalation was successful, I connected HDD and started the laptop. Then I changed the booting order in BIOS, the SSD is before HDD to boot the OS from SSD (I still have OS on HDD, but I wanted to that the OS on SSD will be always launched first.), so I expected that there will be no problem with it because I did exactly what I had read before it on Microsoft web discussion.  


    Then I saved the changes I made in BIOS and launched the laptop but the OS from HDD is still launched, not the one from SSD although that the order is different...

    I can launch the OS on SSD only in manually way in BIOS but I want it to be launched automaticly and I have not found any way how to do it yet. 


    Could you give me some advice to help with this issue ? Thank for any idea.


    And another strange issue about BIOS. When I want to make changes in BIOS, I can sign in as administrator or as a guest. As admin I must enter my password, of course, but then I can make much more less changes than as a guest logging by no password - guest can make almost any change that is possible in BIOS but administrator logged by password cannot - isn't it strange ? 


    If you know the possible reason why is it like that please share your knowledge with me.  You will have my thanks.

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    I was on my laptop using chrome then it randomly closed I tried opening back up and it would for one second then close again I thought if I restarted my laptop it would fix it, but now chrome won't even open. 

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    I want to run BitLocker on my laptop. It fails and I believe the reason is that I currently have secure boot disabled. To enable secure boot, I have to disable legacy mode. When I disable legacy mode the boot device is not found. I guess the mbr isn't installed in UEFI mode, but how can I fix that?

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  • 12/25/18--16:28: Unable to set up
  • I got a chromebook for Christmas but can only get it to go to a recycle bin type of symbol.  I can't get it to set up,  can't get it to go to where I put in my wireless information or anything .


    Does it need taking back to the store or is it fixable?

    Thanks .

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  • 12/25/18--19:06: Face recognition not working
  • Recently, face recognition not working. Tried to remove and set up all over again, but still not working. 

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  • 12/25/18--22:08: Buying an HP Laptop in Japan
  • Hi everyone,


    I was wondering if you purchase a HP 15 Laptop in Japan with a Japanese OS, can you change the OS to English?  Essentually an English OS.


    Kind regards,


    Jason Ryan

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    New laptop, set up PIN, password and wifi connection last night. Tried to log in today by entering PIN and also tried password. Both were accepted and said welcome but then blank screen. Nothing happens at all.

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