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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 12/24/18--05:32: 6.00 GB RAM (5.48 available)
  • Hey . Installed windows 7. Faced with the problem of RAM. For some reason, it does not work as a cavity, even if only a little. I looked at a lot of instructions to solve this problem. Installed the driver for updating the BIOS - did not help. Changed system configuration - did not help. What to do ? Help me please . In principle, this could not touch. But still not nice. When I bought the laptop was Windows 8, I changed it, then I installed Windows 8.1, but in games it is buggy. Therefore, I installed myself windows 7



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    My computer Omen 15 notebook is plugged in but not charging. I change the power supply and still the same

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    start menu button not working, taskbar is blak.


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    my laptop does not start, it gives me the warning to repair automatically and then several options to repair the error, 1) continue to window, 2) use a device usb drive, 3) use another operating system, 4) troubleshoot, 5) turn off your PC But I already try several of those options and none of them start and do not access my files, photos, videos, etc. it restarts and returns to the same every time I turn it on. What should I do?

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  • 12/24/18--07:01: I HAVE LOST MY HP LAPTOP

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    as the title says, the latest and surely wonderful Win10 update has caused a blue screen on my HP Envy 13 laptop, preventing it to fully boot up no matter what I do. As such, I performed the usual diagnostics to ensure nothing was amiss with my laptop and then proceeded with system recovery, restoring it to a previous date before that bloody update (which happened on December 23d according to the updater). As expected, it worked fine. However, the problem is that I can’t seem to prevent Windows from downloading and applying this update again in "no time" and thus screwing me over… Any ideas?


    P.S. Merry Christmas... 

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    Hi.  This is a solution for those who have this particular problem. 


    I have an HP 15-BW017cl laptop, with an AMD processor and Raedon R7 display.  After the most recent Windows 10 version 1809 update, my laptop would no longer awaken from sleep mode without a "hard" shutdown (holding down the power button until the system shuts down) and a new boot.  I had purchased an identical unit for my wife, and both of our laptops were no awakening from sleep mode.  After searching possible solutions on this and other forums, I ruled out changing power settings, checking for new Windows Updates, and checking with HP Support Assistant for new drivers.  I did find we needed a new driver for our touchpads, but that did not resolve the issue. 


    Not related to my research on this issue, I opened up my Raedon R7 software to check some display settings.  There was a Raedon upgrade to the newest 2019 version.  Clicking to Raedon's site, there was an automatic hardware detection and install app to download and upgrade my Raedon drivers/software.  Lo and behold, after installation and restart, my laptop begin awakening from sleep mode the rest of the day.  I upgraded my wife's laptop (exact same model) and it also had the sleep mode issue resolved.


    I had not found any potential resolution on any of the on line forums that suggested upgrading the Raedon drivers/software after (or before) performing the latest Windows 10 update.  But, bottom line, it works.  For those who have an HP laptop HP-BW017cl, and experience your laptop not awakenig from sleep mode, open your Raedon display app and click to link to Raedon's upgrade page.  The fix is in...that upgrade.


    This solution may work for anyone with a 2017 laptop with a Raedon display, but I can only speak for my own experience.

    Happy computing.


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  • 12/24/18--09:42: Probook 4730s Windows DVD
  • Dear all,


    I am replacing the HD which was completely damaged and fully unusefull in my HP Probook 4730s laptop.  Since mine did not come with a DVD, I am looking for an original HP DVD to reinsatall Windows 7 (64) and all the HP software that came with it originally.  I'm not expecting a disk for free, although the MS Windows 7 (64 bit) on it was a registered software.
    Anyway, if it is HP OEM, I do not care.  Thanks....
    I bought this 4730s in Croatia, Europe, where I premanently live as well. Regarding to the info found at HP USA web site, this HP Windows 7 (64 bit) DVDs are only available for the customers in the States and Canada respectively. Non of the European countries. It is fair, isnt it?  Are we the second class users?
    Sorry for this bitter comment, but so far I couldn find any reasonably good solution to save and use my HP Probook 4730s laptop for another couple of years, I must admit that the machine is quite good and very usefull for my every day purpose.
    Thanks a lot....

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    my notebook crashed a few months ago and i had to do a system restore, i lost half of the pictures. is there any way to recover them from the hard drive? help if you can. im not computer

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  • 12/24/18--13:08: HP Laptop Apps Deleted
  • A while ago I was running out of storage when I wanted to download something. I had deleted all my music, videos, documents, etc. and still had no storage. In an effort to get storage quickly, I selected all folders in my file explorer and clicked delete. I ignored the system administrator messages thinking it wouldn't matter as I didn't use most of the apps anyway. This turned out to be a huge mistake.


    My system apps are completely gone and I still have no storage. I cannot open settings or the windows store as they have been deleted and I cannot download them as I still have 0 bytes of storage.


    I attempted to do a factory reset through the command screen, but instead my computer attempted (and failed) to do a refresh. I want everything deleted and retured to the factory settings, but I cannot open settings to do so.


    I have also tried to press f11 at startup but the only way I can see my screen is through an HDMI cable hooked to my tv (my ink layer is pretty much destroyed) and the f11 screen does not come up through the HDMI cable. My laptop is now useless, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    i need a copy of rhe link to download the the original software of my pc

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    I have recently bought HP360Envy. Yesterday I ran it for several hours. But then in the night I found that its touch screen is not working. It was not responding at for finger touches. Several people tried. However, today in the morning it was working. Kindly guide me   what to do?


    My product # is:




    Please guide me.


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    Hi everybody,

    the 3 links which are at the 6th post of this page ,for realtek drivers,are not working and i'll appreciate if sameone can indicate where you can find those drivers. Thank's a lot for the help

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    i recently did back up and restore on my laptop. however i had a bad battery and wouldnt start back up. Now it only goes to the "starting windows" screen then shuts down and starts over. i have tried the recovery cd and also bought a new battery.     ?????

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  • 12/24/18--17:11: How do i...
  • Need help resetting my hp model 15-p030nr

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    I bought this laptop third hand from a neighbor. 

    No passwords known. Error message after three failed attempts reads:

    System disabled [i  86153857]


    Please help and thank you in advance! 

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    can I still get the free upgrade to windows 10 after doing a system recover for a HP Pavilion dv6?

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    System disabled 50511872

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  • 12/24/18--22:39: Setup gone wrong
  • Entered wrong phone number when setting up Microsoft account, Unable to get code to continue setup. Can’t go back or forward.Help!!

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    Enter administrator password or power on password.

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