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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    The HP Stream that I bought a few weeks ago is not fit for its’ purpose. I bought it in Argos in Limerick, and I want to know the fastest way to get an E-mail to customer care. 


    • The touch pad is not fitted well (the top right-hand corner sticks up).
    • The computer is extremely slow in every way. I write a lot, using Word, and the screen often  freezes. Word is giving me a programme “ is not responding” message frequently.
    • When I am online, the computer often gets stuck on one page, or sometimes it just closes down without warning.
    • When I type, sometimes the function does not work; the cursor stops moving, or it prints the letters 2 seconds after I have written them.
    • I have paid for a laptop that is low, sticky, unreliable and erratic, especially when I want it to connect to the internet. I have tried to work with this laptop in areas with a good internet signal, but it is still a disaster.
    • I am sick and tired of having to deal with this website; I want my money back, or a new computer ASAP.

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  • 12/16/18--05:16: Bluetooth
  • I'm trying to connect my notebook via bluetooth to my JBLcharge 3, but do not succeed in that. Another notebook (of a colleague) has no problem in finding my JBL; what do I have to do to change in my settings to realize the connection??


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    PLS, can somebody help me how to reset or delete BIOS password? HP ProBook 6550b

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    I try to install win10 in my laptop but it says disk partition is gpt type how i resolve this problem

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    Hello, I am not able to open my laptop. I was working and then suddenly the screen froze and pixelated. When I powered it off and then back on, it wouldn’t turn on. The screen would slightly flicker as it does when it is about to boot and then I hear a buzzing sound. And then the screen switches off and then it flickers again followed by a buzzing sound and so on. I tried discharging the battery and tried using the laptop without the battery by just connecting it to the AC power adapter but the problem stayed.

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  • 12/16/18--07:11: White screen on my laptop
  • I have turned on my laptop and the screen is totally white any ideas?

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    Buen dia, necesito saver si puedo instalar un disco solido M.2 Nvme a mi portatil, si la placa madre lo soporta y si funcionaria bien, el modelo es Pavilion 14-V203la, tiene un procesador i7-5500U meria de 8 Bb

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  • 12/16/18--08:37: Pre-installed W7 recovery
  • Windows installed updates and was rebooting when it booted to linux mint 17. A previous linux update may have broken /etc/default/grub .... it was set up to make the last os booted the default. I fixed that and tried to boot back to windows 7 from grub. That process failed, I don't know why. The laptop was frozen somewhere in the W7 boot process. I let it sit there for about 1 hour. Linux will still boot from the grub menu.

     I tried to repair my pe-installed W7 installation from a W7 install CD that I have for another machine, no good. I could only have 4 partitions when I dual booted with Linux so the recovery partition had to go. I'm pretty sure  I made a recovery CD before I began the process of dual booting with Linux. Now of course I can't find it.

    So how can I recover my W7 installation. I tried looking for a way to make recoveery media on HP support web site but I'm not finding it

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    I have an older Pavilion g6 Notebook.  It originally had Windows 7 installed but I upgraded to Windows 10.  It was working great until I installed a Windows update.  I started getting a 301 error upon starting, but I would continue and it still worked fine, but the hard drive diagnosis software showed a failure.  Due to my incompetence I somehow must have compromised the internal recovery system and recovery partition because I tried all methods to recover without success.  HP's web site showed no available hard drive replacement, or recovery software for my model.  Is there any way I can get a reliable replacement hard drive, or at least some recovery disks?  Thanks.      

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    I have gone throught the diagnstics with the storage test not showing any passed or fail. it just goes back the same screen. 

    ive tried loading gparted but it does not fully load. ive tried installing windows, but it cant see the emmc. ive tried downloading chipset drivers but these are not reconised.


    I'm running out of ideas. do i have a failed emmc?

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  • 12/16/18--09:47: Re: HP 240 G6 driver needed
  • Please provide me full pacage of drivers for W7 64 bit HP 240 G6 

    SN: 5CD838BTPJ 

    I need so much becouse I can not do anything after W7 64 installation. 

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  • 12/16/18--10:12: Mouse Lag
  • I would like to understand why the mouse cursor is lagging in a hp spectre that I own. 

    My story is similar but there are some new points:


    1. I got that problem a year ago when I bought it, and found a fix online. It was about changing the display refresh rate. It indeed fixed the problem. But I don't have to mention that it hurts the eyes when you look at such blinking display. 

    2. But I lived with that until now

    3. For some other reasons I ran the system restet yesterday, and reinstalled Windows 10. The screen is back to its full display quality, and I see it is SO much better to look at now. But the lagging problem has returned. 

    4. I do not want to change the refresh rate again. I think if I paid so much for a laptop with this display quality there should be some better fix. 

    5. because of the above (point 3) I don;t think it is about a missing update. 


    Thanks for a reasonable answer!


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    I've recently updated the BIOS to F.19.Rev.A via the HP Support Assistant. Since then I've had multiple 'crash screens' whenever I attempt to stream video in any internet browser. I noticed an error message appearing only with the Edge browser that indicates a problem with accessing the graphics card which never happened prior to the update. I'd like to know how to rewind the BIOS back to the previous installation. Thanks for the help.

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    tried to factory rest the laptop because everything was crashing from no memory. it said there wasn't enough memory to factory reset and now it won't load windows. it isn't a year old yet


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    My laptop is pretty old, and i believe ive had it since 2015. I havent been able to get any good replacements so pretty much ALL my documents, photos, and videos are on it. The memory is pretty much full right now. It's still running on Windows 8.


    One day it just shut down. My battery had some issues before then, so i got a replacement ASAP, thinking that had something to do with it. Battery issue is fixed, but i can't even get to my desktop. Everytime i try to reset, a blue screen pops up with the following message: "We've encountered a problem, we're gathering some error info and we will restart your device."

    It claims to be getting an "automatic repair" ready, and then it just gives up and restarts again.

    It continues this over and over. I DO NOT want to hard reset, or delete anything on it, and im scared if i mess with it more, something will happen to all my things. I have no clue what's wrong, and I'm afraid I won't ever be able to reach my desktop again. I've even tried the ESC thing before startup to run tests, and it passed all of them.

    So..why is it doing this? Can someone help?

    (Sidenote: If i can't fix this useless shell of a laptop, i want to at LEAST find a way to save everything i have before it decides to completely stop turning on altogether. I have really bad luck with electronics)

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    My Pavillion notebook goes all the time in recovery mode. I tried all but it will not recover.

    I checked in the BIOS the DST and it fails. When I google the code it says the hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

    But if I do this I will have no recovery drive or media. This also does not seem to be available on the HP support site.


    Suppose I manage to put in a new drive, does anybody know what my options are to re-install the OS?

    The product key is on the motherboard, do I need this key somehow? Does it matter which version of OS I install first and how can I get access to this OS?


    Thanks a lot!



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  • 12/16/18--12:42: black screen issue
  • After winows password screen...the screen automaticaly turns black with cursor...after ctrl shift and esc key...i tried to end the task which is in chinese letters followed by (32 bit)...if i wait for almost 10 mins the windows home screen comes

    so how to solve this issue??



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  • 12/16/18--12:25: windows 7 pre installed
  • I need help getting a copy of windows 7 home premium. I believe I repartitioned my hard drive. I was trying to get it ready for making the software recovery image and deleted a few things. I also had just put my hard drive in a new shell due to my battery and/or AC adapter and motherboard issues in my notebook 625. 

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  • 12/16/18--13:03: Синий экран
  • Здравствуйте, при загрузке моего ноутбука HP Pavilion dv7 появился синий экран. Пробывал множество вариантов решения данной проблемы. Проверял жёсткие диски со вторым всё впорядке, а на первом сразу появляется ошибка Жёсткого диска 1 и код ошибки 94KU19-65E9AW-QFPKOJ-60RB03 как её исправить?

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    is there a way for me to track location and activity remotely 

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