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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 12/13/18--23:23: Recovery Manager Error
  • Greetings!
    I have a problem with restoring the original "factory" state of the laptop. Recovery Manager generates a message with the error "error incorrect brand name". HP x360 Device - 11-ab015ur

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    Have been working on getting back into windows for days now. Very limitd options even appear. F11 Recovery says Pc/device needs to be repaired. A require device isnt connected. Error Code: OXC000000F. HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI is one thing that works completely fine and I have failed only battery tests so far. Recovery from Partitions is lost. When my laptop was working just last weeks I saw Recovery Media to buy for it here and now I do not. In bad need of help!

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    Dropped my laptop and now on start up it says "Hard Disk Error Please run the Hard Disk Test in SystemDiagnostics  Hard Disk 1 (3F1)  F2 System Diagnostics

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    i want to set windows 7 64 bit for my laptop notebook 450 g4 7th  but some driver not support on this windows any answer plz ??????

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  • 12/14/18--04:58: what does this mean ?
  • computer.jpg

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    i am reinstalling windows 8.1 after it had windows 10, it would not install normally and i erased the HDD to start over but i am having trouble with the BIOS not finding my usb, i have formatted it via CMD  on another pc and have windows 8.1 on it but it does not show up at all.

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    Hello, I'm trying to update my BIOS but it's locked with a passsword that I don't remember.
    Please Help

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    I have a HP Pavillion dv6t-2300 On the motherboard is the connector/ribbon cable for the main power. Problem is on the switch side, It is a different connector??? I wish I paid attention to that connection......please help, thanks

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  • 12/14/18--08:26: Can not specify
  • I received my order few days ago.
    So far, the laptop is actually empty from all kinds of programs/information, but it does not work properly. The first thing that was really noticeable, was its slow work. Even for opening the browser, it uses inappropriate long time.
    Besides that, most alarming is some kind of action, which I recently noticed at the laptop. In the middle of the working process, the screen becomes black, remains only the arrow and it repeats several times.


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    Any ideas on a graphics card to replace hp600-1170a touchsmart?

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  • 12/14/18--10:14: Bios administrator password
  • Error code : i 67325248

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    4 months ago I started to notice strange going ons with my laptop. Files that I didn't initiate began to appear, i had problems downloading programs, settings were changed alot, file and folder permissions were switched so I wasn't the owner any longer and couldn't even acess them. I quickly realized that i had an unwanted, univited guest living in my hard drive. I used the command net user in command prompt and discovered that a hidden guest account had been created with full acess and privileges and nothing I did could delete it. I tried everything. Read anything I could find about hidden accounts, remote hook ups, teamviewer and tried everthing i could, to boot this guest outta my network. Nothing would work. Fast forword to acouple of days ago, i was uninstalling a program and to complete the uninstall i needed to reboot, which I did. Thats when I lost my laptop completely-It never rebooted. Came back a black screen. I did the normal things trying to revive my laptop but it remained lifeless. The only thing I could think of was to try to reinstall windows with a bootable USB. No drives were recognized, i needed to install storage drivers. None that I downloaded and put on the bootable windows 10 USB would install. I tried everything to get a driver installed, but nothing worked. I was able to work my way to command prompt and try chkdisk, repair and also fix but it wouldn't allow my commands to go thru, saying I didn't have the authority.  So I typed the command net user and found that my account has been wiped and he is now the administrator of my laptop. I can't do anything. my laptop is now a paperweight. I need help, I don't know what to do. Nothing I do works. 

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    Moved to Desktops as this is not a Notebook PC

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    Changed my old hard drive which was not working with new one and I lost my recovery disk so need a recovery disk file.

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  • 12/14/18--12:13: ENVY x360 Linux
  • I have an HP Envy  x360 15-bp108ng. I want to dual boot linux on this machine, ideally Ubuntu, Elementary or Fedora. How well does it work? I've only seen posts about the Envy x360 with the Ryzen CPU, but I've got the i5 8th Gen.

    This laptop has an SSD and an HDD - would it be possible to boot linux off the HDD while Windows continues to boot off of the SSD?

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    Please can someone tell me what to do to fix this issue!


    Ive litterally had this laptop for approximately 3 months, it still has warranty but due to being in full time university and being dependent on my laptop, sending to HP will take weeks and I have work and assignments to complete. If anyone could share some light onto what could be the issue will be phenomenal, and sending it in to HP is my last resort if its unfixable by myself.


    The day I recieved it in the post, it crashed. I just presumed it was due to all the updates it had to do. So I left it.

    Within the week it crashed again, giving me a whiteout screen. Now, it has blackout screens too. It also freezes completely and a few times ive had black and white lines (horizonally) across the whole screen, requiring shutting it down with the power button. I factory reset it three times, manually updated the drivers I could and have constantly ensured its fully updated; is there anything I have failed to do?


    It also started disconnecting from my home wifi within the past 2 weeks. I run the diagnostic test and it usually says the domain gateway was fixed... And just reboots the wifi and it works fine again. HP diagnostics was run when it can crash out of nowhere and it just restarts the laptop, no diagnostic to report.



    Can anyone share any ideas of what I could do? It's starting to really upset me as I spent a lot of money on it and I'm a single parent of a son with special needs, meaning there's not much else I own for an escape with my university work and management job. Thank you in advance!!


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    Trying to reset HP win 10 to clean total laptop, followed instructions via update and security, resetting stuck on 44% for over an hour. Need help here please. Thanks

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    My laptop had stopped responding. It would turn on but not load anything. I have an old coworker who specializes in PCs and I followed her directions well now I’m getting errors. Like the following  what can I do to fix this? HP won’t help me because my warranty ran out  



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    As i tried different passwords it would not even let me into the system! Thats as far as i have gotten!

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  • 12/14/18--16:56: Imminent hard drive failure
  • I received failures when running the short and long drive self tests (HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows Application

    9C7PVQ-0009AU-MFH15F-60SM13, HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows Application

    . I tried to run a system image but it crapped out about 1/2 way through due to an I/O error. I ran a chkdsk /r and it got to 11% and sat there for over 3 hours before the system rebooted. Do you have any suggestions on a compatible hard drive for this device? I do not have the original CDs for the OS (it came with Windows 7 but I did the free upgrade to Win 10 a few years ago). Is there a way to create a bootable CD or DVD with the current OS on the laptop? As of now the laptop hasn't given me any issues. Please share your thoughts.



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