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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    I turn it on. It loads the desktop then nothing. I can’t even run a scan on it. I’ve been trying to work from home for hours. It’s only 3 years old. Not used much. I’m really frustrated. 

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  • 12/13/18--08:54: Windows 10 Download
  • If I need to replace the HDD on my notebook where do I get the Windows 10 64 bit OS installation file to install on the new replacement HDD?

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    Every time I turn on my laptop and when the hp sign show up it keep restarting can someone help me

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    Hello sir/mam,I have been installing windows 10 on my hp havilion 15ab522tx laptop .everytime during installation it shows a error message displaying 

    Copy file fails








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    i am about to buy a hp notebook 14-df0010.  however, i saw in earlier discussions that although there is a way to uninstall windows s-mode, which comes pre-configured, it did not necessarily work, and you were left with "residual" effects of s-mode even when windows 10 home was then downloaded next.  i would like assurance that this method will work on my new laptop; i don't wish to be confined to only using edge and microsoft apps.


    thank you!

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    I spilt juice on my laptop just over 24 hours ago, although it was only half a cup and mostly water it seemed to have gone everywhere as the laptop was open including the main screen, keyboard and I think it certain areas where there is a hole for example to plug earphones in. I cleaned it straight away and turned it upside down, I went to turn it off but it turned itself off before I could and then 5 minutes later the screen was almost strobing white and black. Everywhere said to take the battery out however we can't seem to locate it anywhere at all where we would be able to do this. we left it and early this morning tried turning it on however it won't come on but when we plug th charger in the orange light to say it's charging because the battery ran out comes on as well as the white ought on the other side which usually indicates that it is on. This is making me believe that it can't be fully broken as the lights are coming on. 


    Would really appreciate any Help please. Does anyone know if it is fully broken or is there a specific thing that I can take to a shop to get fixed ?

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    Windows + B key for tutorial don't work on my 840 G3. I try recovery my BIOS, but when i use method Windows + B key, fan spinning still and black screen. I'm wait 30 min and thisame. Any solution for this problem ?

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    Hi @Paul_Tikkanen

    I have an HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1

    Im trying to install the drivers to allow my laptop to use the fingerprint sensor.

    I've been trying for an hour but I cant put the drivers to work.

    Do you know which drivers should I install?

    How can I enable them?


    Notebook HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1

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    I need help to conduct recovery of my laptop.  I have tried but it states that "something went wrong" and doesn't complete.  Please help

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  • 12/13/18--17:27: HP Envy dv6 Notebook issue
  • i put an administrator password on my laptop and i forgot it , i cant use the F10 or F8 on it and when i try to many times  than is says system disabled i dont have any way to get in because i bought the laptop second hand.

    someone please help 

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    I have this issue and I’m not seeing an answer to fix this... did anyone receive help for this ?????

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  • 12/13/18--19:31: My laptop is not booting up
  • Hello, I'm having a problem that I've seen countless messages about on these forums. HP Spectre x360 Convertible PC 13, Model 13-4003.HP Spectre.PNG

    My laptop stopped functioning five month ago, no charging light, no anything. The charger is fine, tested it on another Spectre model I own. Performed all the test recommended on this forum, no change in status.  Since the unit is out of warranty, I decided to open the back of unit to inspect the components. Sure enough, same issue, burnt diodes on the motherboard situated beneath the sticker, see photo.  I have purchased dozens of servers, desktops, laptops. printers from HP over the years for my business and personal use and have never experienced a failure of this nature, especially on a 2 year old high end system as this one.  If a recall of a system were ever warranted, this notebook would fit the bill.


    I would be most appreciative if HP support could contact me. Thanks!


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    Hi Dear! 


    im using  HP Notebook - 15-r120ne (ENERGY STAR). Serial# is [edit].

    i have installed new windows 7 ultimate and i'm facing some drivers issue. can you please help me out to fix this issue.





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    I bought the laptop as a certified refurbished unit from Amazon last year.  Peformance was initially extremely poor so I swapped out with a SSD after 3 months.  The SSD quit functioning after 6 months, so I swapped in another SSD.  I also had to replace the keyboard after 6 months because a number of keys just stopped working (not an easy task anymore).


    Despite all this, the latop would usually boot up in under ten seconds.  About a week ago, it would simply not respond when hitting the power button, other than the CPU fan would come on and blow very hard for ten seconds, then I would get a screen flash, then back to blank.  After this the fan would quiet down and the computer would just sit there with a black screen and screen flash about once per minute.  After 5 or 6 minutes, it seems to finally start up.  I have run all the HP diagnostics including the long test.  Everything comes back normal.  I attempted to boot into diagnostic mode by hitting the escape key during this strange startup and cannot get any response from the computer.  I have unplugged the power and also pulled the battery.   


    I am suspecting my motherboard might be on the way out?  This laptop is very lightly used as a home shopping, surfing laptop.  Any help on this would be great.  Thanks. 

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    Hi, just wondering if there is any way i can download or get a new factory restore disk for my pavilion dv6-6c35dx entertainment pc?  I lost mine a while back and I'm past the 30 day change back time.  windows 10 just makes this pc run like complete garbage and I would really like to just put it back to its factory windows 7.

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    My laptop is Envy x360. Yesterday I had a bios update. After that, the white screen (freezing) appeared 100 times throughout the day. What's wrong with this update? And how can you fix this?

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    My notebook was working fine then one day would not turn on at all.  It is only 1 year old exaclty.  My warranty just ended 6 days ago. The LED charge light does not even turn on.  These computers were recalled for the battery but after checking the battery with the HP software mine was not affected. My computer made a weird noise for the first time today, I think it was the fan. After doing a hard reset, it didn't turn back on for over 6 hours. I've tried the solution where you plug your computer up and leave it open until it turns back on itself but it takes 5+ hours before my computer decides to turn back on. The charger i have is the orginal charger that came with the computer. There are no cracks, my computer hasnt been dropped, and theres no water damage. I see many complaints about the same problem with the x360 pavilion not turning on and the LED charge and power light not turning on. 


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  • 12/13/18--22:33: Memory Check Fail Code Info
  • Where can I find out what the following code means?



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    I noticed my laptop was not charging when plugged in after a recent window update at the end of November. It says 'plugged in, not charging'. I plugged it in after that and it started charging again for a few minutes and then it went back to the 'plugged in, not charging' status. 


    Also, when I was playing games I can see the CPU utilization drops from 80% to 17% every 10 or 15 seconds and last for 3 to 5 second, which causes the FPS in the game to drop at the same time, it never happened before, not sure it is related to the battery issue/windows update or not.


    A few things I tried:

    1. "Device Manager"--and uninstall  "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery"  and restarted, still shows "plugged in not charging” after a few minutes 

    2.Update the BIOS from, not working

    3.Got all the new updates recently


    Any clue as to what is causing this? It seems like it's some kind of software issue. If not, maybe I need a new power adapter? If so, how can I get the right one for my model?

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