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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 12/06/18--17:33: Bios password please
  • Need the password prety please..
    Lock code of :69140481
    many thanks

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  • 12/06/18--17:44: Windows wont start
  • I was trying to do a system restore but it said there was  a problem.  I have a flash drive titled HPRecovery. It won't boot from that drive. It sees it because it lists the files. but I can't get it to work. 

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  • 12/06/18--18:50: SOS URGENT
  • i was using my HP Pavilion Laptop when it locked and restarted itself, and then said that my pin is diisabled and shows the messages this "sign-in option is disabled becase of failed sign in attempts or repeated shutdowns. Use a different sign in option, or keep your device powered on for at least 2 hours and then try again."  followed those instructions with no results.


    I also tried using the other method of signing in by typing in my password. It then told me my password was incorrect.


    I then proceeded to reset my password thinking that would allow me to login. This again didn't work.


    I have a Website Builder Project assignment that is due tomorrow on my laptop. I can't turn it in without regaining access to my laptop. This assignment is a very large portion of my grade, and would appreciate a prompt response to my problem.


    Thank you,


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  • 12/06/18--19:10: Cannot recover PC
  • My notebook was running a bit slow so I decided to reset it.  Once it was done, it logged me into the Administrator account.  It gave me errors about my desktop and file explorer.  I turned to HP Recovery Manager and tried to recover it.  Now it is stuck at 0% and I am unsure of what to do.  My product number is Z4P86PA#ABG

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    My newly bought HP ENVY x2 Detachable 12-g003nx is asking for a Bitlocker recovery key after shutdown. 


    Drive Label: TABLET-N26P6M44 WINDOWS 15/08/2018

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    Help me to recover my PIN number to open my hp loptop 

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  • 12/06/18--22:11: Windows 10 is not booting up
  • My windows 10 is not booting up so i have to factory reset it. I ordered a usb drive for original windows my complaint has been registered bt i haven't received any mail regarding payment as they said only after payment they will deliver me a pendrive. How long does it takes?

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    Hi guys, i need to reset Elitebook 6930p, i tryed with some softwares with USB boot, but Bios password wont let me to boot it, so i think is locked, cant do anything without bios password.

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  • 12/07/18--01:43: BIOS password - HP 250 G6
  • Hi


    Need access to BIOS, can any1 help?


    Error code: i 51236161


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    Hello everyone,


    I have bought new a Pavilion 14 cexxx 8gb I3 128gb ssd yesterday.


    I had issues since the beginning trying to download and install google chrome and avasta antivirus, it took hours!


    I left the computer doing all the windows updates overnight and today, while the fan was running really loudly, I checked the CPU usare which was at 100 % even if I was not runnin any task (apart from Google Chrome and Task Manager).


    Did anyone of you experimented this kind of problem?

    Do you have any solution?


    Thank you



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    I recently got my Hard Disk Replaced and so had to clean install everything.

    Now.... everthing is working fine....just  1 problem...

    HP RECOMMEDED POWER PLAN is missing from power options and in "BALANCED" power option,  TDP settings are missing.

    I have already updated all the drivers including Intel Dynamic Thermal Framwork and also BIOS.

    Still nothing happens.

    Without this option, Whenever i play Games for 15 minutes the CPU temperature rises to 100 "C and soon thermal shutdown.

    I changed MAX Processor state to 99% but now the game always lags in intervals as Processor slows down to reduce temperature.

    SO ... How to add TDP or HP RECOMMENDED POWER PLAN...?

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    I haven’t used my old hp mini 110 in a very long time. I remember vaguely having issues with it after loaning it to my kid sister about 10 years ago. Anywho now upon startup it asks for a current password, which I don’t know what is, since my usual passwords aren’t accepted. 


    After attempting all the passwords I remember it finally says: 


         “   Password check failed. Fatal error… System halted. CNU927B3CW. “


    I’ll look into Google proves that my code beginning with CNUxxxxx Does not yield any results. I’ve tried a number of the other codes from this more of that begin with e’s but it does not work. Can anyone tell me what the right code would be so that I can access my old computer again does not yield any results. I’ve tried a number of the other codes from this forum that begin with e’s but it does not work. Can anyone tell me what the right code would be so that I can access my old computer again?



    Also does this cold indicate what the issue with my netbook is? I had suspected that my kid sister had downloaded a lot of fishy programs and may have been infected with a virus at some point. Ultimately once I gain access to it I would like to restore it to factory conditions and possibly try to optimize it to be used for a little typing apparatus I can take with me to work.


    Thank you in advance for the help! 

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       I cannot access my desktop after automatic updates were run. I get a black blank screen-can't login.

      Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you,


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  • 12/07/18--06:56: Product key problem
  • Hello, 


    Recently I had to replace my hard drive. My computer repair person apparently used his disc to replace the Windows 8.1 operating system. Now I continue to receive a message that the certificate is set to expire soon. The online activation button is not working.  I have to input a product key, but because I purchased the laptop with windows 8.1 already installed I do not have a product key.  Will you be able to assist me with acquiring  my product key for Windows 8.1 to stop this error message?

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  • 12/07/18--07:52: laptop just shuts down
  • My hp laptop will just shutdown 

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    Hello all, technical idiot needing help here. Son's laptop for uni purchased new from HP direct for a hefty £600 in Dec 2016.

    Now showing the error message "whea_uncorrectable_error" on a regular basis.

    Son has saved all his work and now using another laptop.

    After checking that tghe warranty was a measly 12 months (actually 6 for some aspects) I dont think HP are interested in helping (one to remember for future purchses I guess)

    I have tried (and tried) to reset, return to factory settings, rrecover etc. Each time it goes part way and then stalls,

    That my friends is about the sum total of my technical knowledge.

    Is anyone aware of this problem and how to resolve ?

    I am unaware if we ever received a recovery disk but presume we did purchase, as part of the cost, a full version of Windows 10 ?

    Any help welcome but please remember you are talking with a luddite :)

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    Windows loads normally, but the screen stays black without icons, only displays the cursor

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    Howdy all!  I picked up this laptop during WM's Black Friday deals, knowing it only had Windows 10 Home and a 5400rpm 1tb drive.  I have an unused non-OEM Windows 10 Pro license and a 500gb Corsair SSD, so I was going to swap those in, but it just will not work, usually resulting in some sort of write error during installation, and always failing to find a boot record on the drive even when installation succeeds:


    1)  The drive is only a couple years old and is definitely in good condition; I took it from an old circa-2008 Dell XPS 13", and the last thing I did before coming to the forum was to reinstall it in that same machine and do a full Windows 10 Pro installation off the same USB stick I'd been using in the HP -- zero problems encountered, install to desktop took maybe 15 minutes.


    2)  The Windows 10 USB installer (created by downloading an ISO from the official Media Creation Tool and burning via Rufus) would frequently fail, reporting that a file it had written had been corrupted.  It also was painfully slow, taking like an hour just for the "copy files" step.  Neither of these issues were encountered on the same USB when doing a clean install on the aforementioned Dell, and the same situation occurred when using a brand-new USB drive, and when using any of the USB ports on the device.


    3)  I've tried with Secure Boot both enabled and disabled, and after wiping the secure boot keys, and after restoring the secure boot keys.


    4)  I've tried in UEFI-boot-only mode with a UEFI partition scheme, and Legacy boot mode with both a UEFI partition scheme and an MBR scheme.  UEFI mode (or UEFI on legacy) fails to find /BCD, and MBR fails to find an operating system.


    5)  I used a SystemRescueCD USB stick to boot a live Linux environment, from which I cloned the original hard disk (first 2MB for UEFI, then partitions 1, 2, 4, and 5, leaving the middle partition blank since it was not the full 1tb), and then let it boot, at which point it would bring up the Windows Recovery Mode launcher and ask me what to do.  I selected Factory Reset, and it began the process, but would fail between 5-10%.  I tried cloning partition 3 from the source drive and shrinking it with the SysResCD tools to fit in the available space, and Windows still would not boot, nor would Factory Reset work.  (I don't know if this would even work in the first place -- if the Factory Reset tool knows to expect a 1tb disk and is trying to partition it according to that, though I would expect my complete cloning of the disk to work.)


    6)  I swapped the 1tb HDD back in, set up Windows, then used the Media Creation Tool to create a recovery disk with the complete recovery data on it, then swapped the SSD back in and tried to recover from the USB drive I'd just created, but same issue as #5.


    So, I don't know what to do next.  SOMEthing is up.  It's like something is mad that I'm not using the included 1tb drive, or there's something specific about this Corsair drive that is throwing the system for a loop, OR there's something about the non-OEM Windows Installer that the system doesn't like.  I don't have a spare drive to test, though I'm ordering one anyway 'cause I need an upgrade for my desktop so I figure I'll try that out in the laptop first.  Does anyone have even a smidgen of a clue or suggestion as to something I might have overlooked, no matter how obvious and/or ridiculous?

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  • 12/07/18--11:03: Hard Drive 1
  • Smart check : passed

    Short DST : failed

    Failure id : PLM97S-0009AM-MFKR7G-60UT03

    Product id : F7R86EA#ACB

    Hard drive 1.

    HELP, помогите

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