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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    I would like to create Recovery Media, but my HP Recovery Manager is frozen. I have tried several times and even waited that the software is updated so that I can try again, but absolutely no luck. 


    I am so afraid that my harddrive is going to crash and then I won't be able to install a new harddrive and do a recovery.


    Please help. HP Recovery Manager Frozen.jpg

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    error: unable to get property "current" of undefined or null reference

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  • 11/26/18--03:13: hp sistem disabled
  • Hi to all. I have this problem with my laptop...



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    I have forgotten the Bios password. How could I reset it ?


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    I wanna install new window on my laptop hp 8470p . My laptop is running on window 7 (64)bit.

    It has 4GB ram and 500 gb hard disk core i5. Whick window will be best for it?? window 8 , window 8.1, window 10 or window 7?

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    I have my HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g192nr (Touch) (ENERGY STAR)

    and due to bissiness needs I have to install another Operative System.

    I will be willing to reinstall the current version in a year or so, and I would like to be sure I´ll be able to do it so.


    Do I need to save any info or generate any installation media for the future reinstall?

    My current Windows Version is Windows 10 home, but when I purchased the notebook the preinstalled version was 8.1.

    It got updated to windows 10 by the usual upgrade process.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi, My HP Envy 17" Notebook starting showing very poor responsive a few weeks ago, Disk usage spiking to 100% when accessing Web pages or opening up documents. I first ran a complete virus scan on the system along with cleaning out any temp folders and trash bin. I aslo switched from Chrome to Firefox as a browser to see if there was a difference, none.

    Disk Drive had ~860GB free out of a 1TB drive so I know it was not low disc space.  System has 16GB of memory and was not using anywhere near capacity when accessing web pages.

    Finally yesterday, the system crashed and took about 1HR to go into HP recovery mode. Finaly when it did I tried all techniques including reformatting the drive and received the error "0xEFFFFF32." When I got out of this state (hard reset) the system will not respond at all. Initial Windows 10 splash screen but then nothing. It appears to be dead....

    I am assuming that the HD is R.I.P but is there anything I missed and where do I go from here?  

    Purchase a new HD  and reinstall?


    Thanks in advance.

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    It doesn't belong here, but it doesn't belong anywhere else.

    It is embarrassingly impossible to contact HP store about it, so I am asking here anyway..


    I had an account under the name kirori.

    I have both the email and date of birth to prove it but I cannot access the email anymore.

    All the passwords I tried don't work.

    Can you help me recover the account?

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  • 11/26/18--07:25: system Efficiency
  • My Daughter has a Pavilion X360 with 8th Gen i3 4GB system memory 16GB Optane Memory 1TB hard drive will this be sufficient for colledge or should I take advantage of syber Monday and purchase her a new lapto? what would you recommend?

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  • 11/26/18--07:36: Need accessories
  • I just ordered a new 15T laptop.  I need to buy an external cd dvd drive.  Can someone suggest a good one that will be compatible with my new


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    When I plug the charger cord into my laptop, the light does not start flashing white to indicate that it is charging. I had restarted and shut it down numerous times. Now it says its charging but the light doesn't come on, I am not sure if it is an issue with the cord or the laptop.

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  • 11/26/18--07:47: Installation of windows10
  • I have inserted new Harddisk. I have recovery DVD of my Windows10. How to install windows10 on my laptop usong recovery DVD on mew harddisk

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  • 11/26/18--08:26: Help me
  • Hi. 

    I have a laptop hp 255 G6 Notebook PC.

    I click on button and when open it writes Boot Menu



    What's this?

    How can I install the windows 7 or 8 or 10?

    What must I do?


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    My Daughter has a Pavilion X360 with 8th Gen i3 4GB system memory 16GB Optane Memory 1TB hard drive will this be sufficient for colledge or should I take advantage of syber Monday and purchase her a new lapto? what would you recommend?

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  • 11/26/18--09:30: Re: ipmsb-gs rev 1.02
  • HI Paul. I cant find Drivers for hp pavilion notebook product number:K4E58EA#ABU on windows 7 ultimate. Even my wireless is dwon due to lack of drivers. Please help.

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    When I turn on my hp envy x360 the screen does not come on but my caps lock flashes a serious of flashes alternating between 3 and 5 flashes 

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    I have a similar problem but on my HP ENVY 27 All in One....

    I followed the HP website instructions to uninstall the HP Assitant and re-install but after the first step (uninstalling it) my PC won't boot.  Please help?


    The HP Recovery Manager only has an option to restore to factory defaults which I don't want to do.  I have also tried the route of backing up the files first but there is 200GB of data and for some reason that is taking forever to pass to an external HD.

     I keep getting the error 0xc000021a when I try the system reboot option.


    I am running Windows 8.1 I think.

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    Over the past few months, my notebook has developed the nasty habit of going to sleep, and only when plugged into the charger. When it's running on battery power, it's good to go for a couple of hours, no problem. I've configured all of my battery settings every possible way so that my computer doesn't just go to sleep while I'm writing something down in the middle of research, but no luck. I've tried setting them all to no screen sleep, incremental times, nothing works. I just restarted my laptop after an update, hoping that would make a difference, and again, my computer fell asleep within a minute or 2 of me working on my assignments. 

    Ordinarily, it doesn't bug me that much, but it's incredily frustrating to have to wait to wake up each time. Is there a driver I need to update? Is all hope lost? 

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    Hi there,


    Yesterday my new ENVY x360 13-ag0140nd arrived. Quick win10 start, installed my programs. Everything worked fine yesterday and this morning as well.

    After prompt of 'HP Support Assistant' I updated bios/sounddriver, et cetera.


    After restart notebook restarts in a loop.

    Options I tried:

    Get back to previous System recovery point. Didnt work.

    Get back to fabric settings, easy option meaning no lose of personal settings. Didnt work.

    (Now) Get back to fabric settings,  Results unknown, so far. Takes hours.  :-/


    Your advice please, THANKS!






    oop and restart problem 

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    I want to run Local by Flywheel to develop Wordpress in a local environment. Error says I must enable VT-x/AMD-v in Bios.  I have accessed this area and there is no Visualisation Technology option to enable under system configuration.  Please advise, thanks..

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