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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 11/23/18--13:36: Steun en hulp
  • My laptop is exactly 1 year old and since a few weeks, it makes a lot of noise. As soon as I start up my laptop, the ventilator makes a lot of noise. It seems like it's ventillating of blowing and it's really disturbing. The moment I close my laptop, the noise stops and the room is peacefull and quiet again. Can someone help me to get off of this annoying noise? 

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  • 11/23/18--13:50: install windows 10 from usb
  • hello,i want to install windows 10 on my ssd using the usb,but when i click on install it says that he can't find some drivers,what ti do?


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  • 11/23/18--14:48: PLEASE HELP ME YA''ALL!!
  • I'm trying to recover my hp laptop but when I turn it on, before it boots into anything it tells me it wants my "Administrative Password". Afetr 3 attempts at guessing it locks me out & gives me this "key code" 73446488. Will someone please please please help me out with this?!?! Thank you so very much!!!  Heather

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    The problem is that I wanted to put a recovery drive on a pendrive, but my USB flash drive was broken and my recovery drive was deleted. How do I know how to download a recovery drive to my laptop?


    My Laptop: HP 250 G6 1XN52EA#ACK 

    Thanks for the answers!

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  • 11/23/18--15:13: Black screen with cursor
  • I am able to power on my computer and enter my administrator password. After that my screen is black with a cursor. I tested my hard drive and it passed. I did a reset also. Would not allow me to restore to earlier date because it says there is none on file. I have had this problem for a week now.

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  • 11/23/18--16:55: won’t let me do anything
  • hi, i have an HP Notebook 15.6” Touch Display, i did a hard reset on my computer and now whenever i go to login, it says “administrator” instead of my email. Also, whenever i login the screen is black with the task bar and recycle bin, it says i need a disk but i have no clue what that means, how do i fix it ?

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  • 11/23/18--18:23: Not starting up
  • Ever since I got my laptop it has been lagging but I dealt with it. Within last couple days when I would turn it on it would sit with the loading circle at the bottom then do nothing until I turn off thenback on then it attemps to diagnose and repair the problem but never finds one and I am still unable to turn on. I can perform a back up, or a reset, but I have some unsaved pictures and other items. Please help, I spent over $300 and have had nothing but issues

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    Ok, so I brought a new laptop about a month ago now and I've been trying to find out how to downgrade from pre-installed Windows 10 to WIndows 7


    My reasons for needing to downgrade to Windows 7:


    1) When playing videos from Youtube, there is a 10~30 second sound delay when the video is playing, of course moving the player bar back to the start fixes this issue until I play another video on Youtube then I have to move the player bar to the start again and again "You get the picutre"


    2) Windows 10 doesn't have games from Windows 7? Apart from solitaire and solitaire collection and all this other crap games I don't even like - At least Microsoft could have left mahjong, chess titans and many other games including minesweeper on Windows 10 for crying out load


    3) Windows 10 will not allow me to use XP Mode which I need due to a program that doesn't work on WIndows 7. So when I got my WIndows 7 laptop I've always had XP Mode to run the program that Windows 7 couldn't clearly run and now I can't freaken use it in WIndows 10


    4) Whenever I use Internet Explorer in WIndows 10, Internet Explorer does not close! Restarting or using Task Manager fixes this, but it's really annoying


    5) A pc game called Microsoft Train Simulator clearly doesn't work on Windows 10, although this new laptop has both intel and Nvidia graphics - The only thing that works is the Tools and Editors for Microsoft Train Simulator, this worked great on my WIndows 7 laptop so I don't see any need to using Open Rails as my main game and not use the actural game itself on Windows 10, I've tested all compatibility modes and nothing happens - Get a load of this! A pc game called Alien VS. Predator 2 made in the same year as Microsoft Train Simulator works brilliantly on WIndows 10 so you can see my argument there


    What I have done on Windows 10 to try and get Windows 7 to install and downgrade this computer


    1) I've tried installing Windows 7 to a separate partition on my hard drive, NEVER WORKED


    2) I've tried installing Windows 7 over WIndows 10, NEVER WORKED


    3) I've even upgraded Home edition to  Pro of Windows 10 to run Windows 7 as a virtural machine, it worked however

    I was unable to get internet connection, unable to install driver's, unable to get anything to function correctly it wasn't worth the money I spent upgrading Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 10 Pro so I've obtained a refund for this


    When I contacted HP to ask if they can provide me revovery media with Windows 7 on it, they were not very helpful

    it's hard to even understand Indian people it's not their fault so they incorrectly got my address wrong when I had to get recovery media with sadly Windows 10 on it, I still had to pay for it? Not sure why considering when I ordered my recovery media for my Windows 7 laptop I got it free of charge not really sure why I had to pay for the USB recovery media with WIndows 10 on it, but anyway I had to restore the stupid system somehow


    I still want to downgrade this laptop to Windows 7, Windows 10 gives me the s**ts


    I don't care if I have to pay HP for a Windows 7 recovery media to downgrade this stupid platform of Windows 10, WIndows 10 is more like a big Mobile Phone and not for use on a computer

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  • 11/23/18--21:00: recovery partitions
  • Hi,


    I got new Pavilion X360, and the recovery partition is visible as E >>I'm surprised at that, and wonder if hiding the partition would affect it's functionality when I recover my system Later.



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    HI- Since I bought it laptop a year ago, after a month or so it has been too slow. I stopped using it but then finally decided to take it to microsoft store where I bought it. The tech guys there could not fix it and recommended me to get in touch with HP. HP support guys tried various things but then mentioned that ultimate solution will be to restore to factory settings. I mentioned them that it is close to warranty expiry and hence they should call my laptop in or should immediately react if system recovery did not work. They did promise that they would get in touch immediately to know the status after system recovery but unfortunately they did not. I tried recovering my laptop to factory setting with instructions they sent but it errored out and did not allow me that. I followed up on email for 2 days but no response and now it says my warranty has expired. This is not the right way of treating customer. I am in a fix now. Please help what should I do. 

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    I've been searching thru this community/thread regarding this matter and also spoke to someone thru chat support as well but I am still unable to get this issue fixed. Is it still possible to get this done or do I need to buy a new OS just to get this fixed? I'm also in the process of getting a new SSD for this thing but without an OS, the upgrade I'm doing will just be a waste of time and money. Can you guys help me out on this one, please?

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  • 11/23/18--23:08: Need OS ISO
  • I cannot order an OS recovery disk nor can I download it from Microsoft. How could I get an ISO to set up on an USB to reset my computer? The current installation will not allow me to boot to recovery.

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  • 11/24/18--00:02: BIOS Password reset
  • Hi community,

    I've HP Elitebook 2760p, serial#2CE212237X, Product: LX389AW#ABU, Warranty: 3y3y0y. The problem is I have forgot it's BIOS password. Kindly help me reset BIOS password.


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    Please help - one week old laptop - now is permenantly stuck on HP black screen - 'preparing automatic repair'  

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  • 11/24/18--00:25: windows doese't find driver
  • Hi,i want to install windows 10 from my usb but after i click install it says that  he can't find driver

    what's the link for the driver?


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    When powered on, it displays a massage that;  Your pc needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed

    Erro code: 0xc000000f

    You will need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device) contact your pc administrator or pc/ device manufacturer.

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    Where can I find the licence key for my W10 operating system? The OS came pre-installed when I bought the notebook so the Microsoft referred me to the manufacturer, who then bounced me off to the retailer. Their support service doesn't even know what a licence key is! There must be a record in the archive somewhere, but how do I get to it?

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    I read and tried everything I was able to find about the ACPI BIOS error- without any success. I have installed Windows 10 but I need second Windows 7 on other partition. Notebook has SSD 256GB (Toshiba). Always during install from USB stick I am getting the blue screen with "ACPI error BIOS version not compatible.....".  This is during "Starting Windows...." screen so I suppose that problem is not with USB3 drivers. Same happens when I try to install Windows-7 from Windows-10 even if I choose the HDD.


    What I tried so far (without sucess):

    - updated BIOS from F.08 to F.17

    - downloaded new Proffesional Windows 7 (with Windows ISO Downloader)

    -  add SSD suopport in the install image (     Add NVMe driver support to Windows 7 Installation, KB2990941, KB3087873)

    - tried also adding the USB3 support to Win7 install

    - Legacy Support option in BIOS is Enabled


    Does anyone had sucess with this? It seems that for Lenovo with similar HW it have been possible to install Win-7.


    The notebook came with BIOS F.08 with date 09/29/2017 - would it help if I rollback to an older BIOS version?








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    Hi, I just got a new ProBook 470 G5 with German keyboard layout.


    My previous laptop was a Packard Bell EasyNote LS and I am very used to having action keys/fn keys for [skipping], [repeating] and [pausing/resuming] music/....

    This is very useful for me since I am using Spotify every day.


    My new ProBook doesn't have these functions. Is it possible to assign those functions to spare f-keys/action keys (e.g. f2, f10) or can I override other action keys with functions more useful for me?

    If yes, how can I do it?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    I need to remove the CMOS battery from model: 15-d038dx, and I can't locate it after opening the computer.  The reason I need to remove and put it back in is because I am getting the following: Enter Your Administrator Password or Power on Password

    I read post that days if I remove the battery for a little bit and put it back in that could solve my issue.

    Can someone please help me locate the CMOS battery for this model?

    Your help will definitely be appreciated.

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