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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    I'd like to reinstall windows 10 on my notebook.

    I create an usb with media creation tools and an usb  with rufus (win 10 home 64bit)

    I update my bios to the latest version F18 (feb 2018)-

    I try to boot from usb but with all two usb I receive the same message: 

    hp1.jpgI also try to restore win 10 from recovery and restore: advance/restore from EFI files, but when pc restart I receive the message The selectet boot devaice failes.


    In bios I dont't have the LEGACY OPTIONS but I disable Secure Boot.


    Please Help me. Thank you

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    I want to recover my PC with recovery USB from HP but the recovery job must be run in AC mode. The problem is my PC has only one USB-C port (no USB port) and I cannot connect at the same time AC adaptor and USB drive.

    What can I do to recover my PC.

    Before, I tried to update my PC from Windows S mode to Windows 10 Pro and now, my PC can not boot into Windows, so I cannot recover from Windows.

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  • 11/22/18--04:03: My notebook doesn’t go on
  • When I put the notebook on, I see the HP logo and than the screen becomes black. After a fee seconds iT starts all over. I see the HP logo and than iT becomes black again

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    Ive done the hp diog. and it says it passes everything but has 3F1

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    My notebook gets shuts off immediately when charger is unplugged

    How to rectify this problem?

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  • 11/22/18--06:11: Laptop running slow
  • My laptop takes half an hour to turn on. It about 5 years old but every time I turn it on the log in bar where I put my username to log in doesn't show up so I have to turn it off and on like 3 times before it eventually shows up. And once the laptop turns on the control centre autimatically pops up and then it takes ages to connect to the wifi and proceeds to be really slow. 

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  • 11/22/18--06:26: 840 G5 UBUNTU SUPPORT
  • Can anybody confirm if Ubuntu is supported on the 840 G5?


    Many Thanks

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  • 11/22/18--08:02: OS is not getting activated


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    Hi, thank you for reading. The HP notebook won’t charge up when connected to the mains AT ALL.


    Any solutions would be appreciated 😊

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    Hi Paul,

    I contact you today because you assisted Rondo with HP Stream space problem a while ago.

    I bought an HP Stream 13" from December 2015 with Win 10 home at a recycling station. First bummer was that there is no eternet port. Access to internet not possible.

    I figuered it out by updating the drivers and now I have internet access.

    Got it all running but after updates my harddrive is now full. I tried to make space and delete everything possible including the different recoverys (I kept only the last one).

    I installed only portable apps on a USB drive to safe space but I am still left with not enought free space. I am unable to install Office 2016 due to lack of Space - but I desperately need it.

    My not smart solution was to think I could use a microSD card as storeage and install office there. But I found out office does not let me choose a drive.

    It needs to be installed on the same drive the Win 10 home is on. Jeiks!

    NOW:  I wonder if it is possible to get the HP Stream to boot Windows from the SD card. This means to bring Windows 10 installation there and later install Office on that SD card. Do you think it is possible?

    I am an older guy with grey hair and I consider myself just a bit behind a beginner when it comes to computers and technical language is often a killer. In addition English is second language for me.

    I live on a tight budget in Hawaii and cannot effort another Laptop.

    I do not understand all what you suggested to Rondo to accomplish his task with the HP Stream and I wonder if you would be willing to answer some questions to the steps neccessary. I also wrote to rondo and look forward to hear from him.

    If you send me a message I am happy to give you my email fro direct contact.


    Mahalo and Aloha


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    Need a password password reset

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  • 11/22/18--11:10: Diagonistic Failure code id
  • What does failure code id PTQ3X9-7S19A6-XD7WLK-60SN13 mean?  Thanks.

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  • 11/22/18--11:36: Broken laptop
  • My laptop turns on with the hp loading screen then shuts off completely after. Charging does work but it does not turn on at all. Tried to start it many times. I’m not sure if a hard reset is necessary but I would like to avoid losing my data as much as possible as I have documents for school and other personal data that I do not want to erase.

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  • 11/22/18--13:56: Bios


    אני רוצה 


    יופעל ראשון כשאני מפעיל את המחשב 

    איך מגדירים את זה לא מצאתי 



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    I have been trying to factory reset my laptop all day, browsing forums, googling and it just will not work!! 


    My latest problem...
    I followed instructions from this link :

    Under : "Factory reset using media youve created"
    I have put the reboot stuff on a USB, all ready to go. Followed the instructions. and when I click the USB option I get "File Explorer" But nothing is there.


    Someone please help!!
    Windows 10..
    HP laptop. Pavilion dv6, Product key[edit]

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  • 11/22/18--15:21: Issues
  • I have a hp sleekbook 15 laptop and its stuck on scanning and repairing 3% i did ahard drive test but it failed i have my thesis and other important info on it can i just retreive the info and get a harddrive after please help

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  • 11/22/18--16:30: Enter CURRENT password
  • Hello,


    I've just try to start my computer after more than a year and he as me to enter a password at the start that i've never set.


    after 3 try:

    Password Check failed

    Fatal error...system halted




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  • 11/22/18--18:19: Start up issues
  • Hi, 

     My computer was slowly fading out, at first I thought it was a virus, but now I think it's a computer issue. When I power it up, it doesn't start. I followed the instructions for the hard reset I found online, but it still won't start. The fan is blowing. But the led lights in the keyboard aren't lighting up. It just sits there, idling. I was able to start it one last time yesterday by unplugging the power, and then hitting the power button after it was idling, but now,,even that isn't working, any suggestions?


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    My HP Envy 360 will not power up but the the led light on the side just keeps blinking orange.  I am unable to remove the battery and have tried a hard re-set but nothing works.  I was told it my be a bad battery or power cable.  Any ideas?  Thank you. 



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    Hi HP Supporters,


    Now I wants to upgrade Windows 10 build 1803 to build 1809, but I don't know if is there any issue that is related to driver software?  Does HP provide new driver software for the new Windows 10 OS?


    Please help me review my question and provide link to download new driver software (if it's avalable now).



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