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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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  • 11/05/18--08:02: System Error Recovery
  • I order the USB recovery drive directly from HP and I keep getting an error.  I have tried different hard drives thinking maybe the drive was bad.  The message it says after about 2 hours of recovedry is "The recovery attempt has failed.  Select one of the following buttons:  Save Log  Details  Retry   I have tried all three of the options.  I downloaded the logs and will paste it in here.  I found other people on here that have had the problem and followed the directions on their post and hasnt worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


    [14:54:45.90] [PANIC.cmd] has been called at non-WinPE environment.
    [14:54:45.90] [PANIC.cmd] activate BP and reboot into WinPE environment at first...
    [14:54:31.69][ChkError.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:31.70][ChkError.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\ErrorChk\ChkError.cmd] has started...
    [14:54:31.72][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:31.73][ChkError.cmd]  Check SW Error...
    [14:54:31.73][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:31.76][ChkError.cmd]  Create ["C:\system.sav\ChkError.cmd.FAILURE.flg"] file...
    [14:54:31.78][ChkError.cmd]  Logfile [C:\system.sav\Logs\CheckLog\ChkErr_PASS2_BBVClean.log]...
    [14:54:31.81][ChkError.cmd]  Check 2nd parameter [BBVClean]
    [14:54:31.84][ChkError.cmd]  Error Checking items : [MEMDUMP,APPSLOG,REGDEV,TIMEOUT,WINSAT,FAILUREFLG,RMFAIL]
    [14:54:31.86][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:31.86][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Memory Dump
    [14:54:31.87][ChkError.cmd]    Could not find memory dump...
    [14:54:31.92][ChkError.cmd]  [DumpFile]
    [14:54:31.94][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:31.95][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:31.97][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Apps' log
    [14:54:37.29][ChkError.cmd]  [AppsLog]
    [14:54:37.34][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:37.40][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:37.43][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Yellow-Bang
    [14:54:37.51][ChkError.cmd]  Run [PINChkT.exe /dev /s]
    [14:54:38.56][ChkError.cmd]  Append [REGDEVT_PASS2_BBVClean.LOG] to [C:\system.sav\Logs\CheckLog\ChkErr_PASS2_BBVClean.log]...

    Description  : Unknown Device
    PNPDeviceID  : ACPI\INT3400\2&DABA3FF&2
    Code         : [28]

    Description  : PCI Memory Controller
    PNPDeviceID  : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D21&SUBSYS_81EB103C&REV_21\3&11583659&2&FA
    Code         : [28]

    Description  : PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller
    PNPDeviceID  : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1903&SUBSYS_81EB103C&REV_08\3&11583659&2&20
    Code         : [28]

    Description  : PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller
    PNPDeviceID  : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D31&SUBSYS_81EB103C&REV_21\3&11583659&2&A2
    Code         : [28]

    Description  : PCI Simple Communications Controller
    PNPDeviceID  : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D3A&SUBSYS_81EB103C&REV_21\3&11583659&2&B0
    Code         : [28]

    [14:54:38.62][ChkError.cmd]  Run [FIND.exe /I 'Result=FAILED' C:\SYSTEM.SAV\Logs\PINPROC\REGDEVT_PASS2_BBVClean.LOG]
    [14:54:38.70][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS2_BBVClean][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] There was some FAILED device. Please check the file C:\SYSTEM.SAV\Logs\PINPROC\REGDEVT_PASS2_BBVClean.LOG.
    [14:54:38.75][ChkError.cmd]    There was some FAILED device...
    [14:54:38.78][ChkError.cmd]    or, there was not target file...
    [14:54:38.81][ChkError.cmd]    Result=FAILED
    [14:54:38.87][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:38.90][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Timeout in INSTALL.log
    [14:54:38.98][ChkError.cmd]  Run [FIND.exe /I 'timeout with' C:\System.sav\Util\Install.log]
    [14:54:40.73][ChkError.cmd]  Run [FIND.exe /I 'timeout wait' C:\System.sav\Util\Install.log]
    [14:54:41.03][ChkError.cmd]   There is NO timeout in install.log file.
    [14:54:41.11][ChkError.cmd]  [TIMEOUT]
    [14:54:41.14][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:41.17][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:41.20][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : WinSAT
    [14:54:41.28][ChkError.cmd]  [WinSAT]
    [14:54:41.31][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:41.34][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:41.37][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : FAILURE.flg
    [14:54:41.65][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:41.65][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  [CheckFailureFlags.cmd] has started...
    [14:54:41.67][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:41.68][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  Check FAILURE.flg at [PASS2_BBVClean]
    [14:54:41.68][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:44.82][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  No FAILURE.flg was found in C:\SwSetup folder
     Volume in drive C is Windows
     Volume Serial Number is 6E7C-B8D7

     Directory of c:\system.sav

    10/31/2018  02:29 PM    <DIR>          2ndCap
    10/31/2018  02:46 PM    <DIR>          bbv
    06/05/2018  07:45 PM             3,115 BDL50TPRABAR401
    10/31/2018  02:54 PM                46 ChkError.cmd.FAILURE.flg
    05/25/2018  12:14 PM             6,131 CNB16WW3C4T601.ini
    06/05/2018  07:45 PM            11,015 CND608PS192A_DPS
    06/06/2018  04:58 AM    <DIR>          CONFIG
    06/05/2018  07:46 PM             7,619 cpqdl.ini
    06/05/2018  07:46 PM             3,925 CTO.TXT
    06/05/2018  07:46 PM                14 CTOHW.TXT
    10/31/2018  02:25 PM    <DIR>          EXCLUDE
    10/31/2018  02:38 PM    <DIR>          ExitProc
    10/31/2018  02:38 PM    <DIR>          FactoryUpdate
    06/06/2018  05:00 AM    <DIR>          fbi
    10/31/2018  02:54 PM    <DIR>          Flags
    10/31/2018  02:30 PM             7,788
    10/31/2018  02:54 PM    <DIR>          logs
    06/06/2018  04:39 AM    <DIR>          P2PP
    05/27/1997  02:42 AM                46 REBOOT.ME
    06/06/2018  05:23 AM               368 REGFLUSH.LOG
    10/31/2018  02:54 PM               139 Result.ini
    06/06/2018  04:33 AM    <DIR>          support
    06/06/2018  05:20 AM           485,266 SYSINFO.LOG
    10/31/2018  11:50 AM    <DIR>          WSDVTDC
                  12 File(s)        525,472 bytes
                  12 Dir(s)  57,247,449,088 bytes free
    [14:54:44.85][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:44.87][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  [CheckFailureFlags.cmd] has completed...
    [14:54:44.87][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:44.93][ChkError.cmd]  [FAILURE_FLAG]
    [14:54:44.96][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:45.01][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:45.04][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : RMFAIL.flg exists or not
    [14:54:45.10][ChkError.cmd]   No [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\Flags\RMFAIL.flg].
    [14:54:45.17][ChkError.cmd]  [RMFAIL]
    [14:54:45.20][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [14:54:45.28][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:45.31][ChkError.cmd]  Some error detected...
    [14:54:45.37][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:45.40][ChkError.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\ErrorChk\ChkError.cmd]
    [14:54:45.45][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS2_BBVClean][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] found [1] SW issue[s]...
    [14:54:45.48][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:45.51][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS2_BBVClean][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] Refer the following file[s] if exists to see detail.
    [14:54:45.54][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS2_BBVClean][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] C:\CTOERROR.flg , C:\System.sav\*FAILURE.flg, or C:\system.sav\Logs\AllFailure.log
    [14:54:45.60][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:45.68][ChkError.cmd]  This is for customer image...
    [14:54:45.73][ChkError.cmd]  Trigger CTO panic...
    [14:54:46.03][InactiveSP.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:46.04][InactiveSP.cmd]  [InactiveSP.cmd] has started...
    [14:54:46.06][InactiveSP.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:46.06][InactiveSP.cmd]  Inactive System Parition...
    [14:54:46.07][InactiveSP.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:46.09][InactiveSP.cmd]  Create ["C:\system.sav\InactiveSP.cmd.FAILURE.flg"]...
    [14:54:46.10][InactiveSP.cmd]  Inactive ESP...  
    [14:54:46.15][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:46.17][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] has started...
    [14:54:46.18][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:46.18][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]   Create ["C:\system.sav\DrvLtr2ESP.cmd.FAILURE.flg"] file...
    [14:54:46.21][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  Detect ESP partition index...
    [14:54:46.54][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  ESP partition index = [1]
    [14:54:46.56][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  ESP drive letter = [NONE]
    [14:54:46.57][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  Assign drive letter to ESP...
    [14:54:49.81][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  Succeed in assigning drive letter to ESP
    [14:54:49.84][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  Delete ["C:\system.sav\DrvLtr2ESP.cmd.FAILURE.flg"] file since no errors detected...
    [14:54:49.85][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:49.85][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd]  [DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] has completed...
    [14:54:49.87][DrvLtr2ESP.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:50.31][InactiveSP.cmd]  Found ESP [S:]...
    [14:54:50.31][InactiveSP.cmd]    going to rename .efi files to disable ESP...
    [14:54:50.35][InactiveSP.cmd]  Inactive ESP successfully.
    [14:54:50.37][InactiveSP.cmd]  Active BP...
    [14:54:50.42][InactiveSP.cmd]  BP drive letter = [D:]
    [14:54:50.45][InactiveSP.cmd]  Active BP successfully.
    [14:54:50.46][InactiveSP.cmd]  Delete ["C:\system.sav\InactiveSP.cmd.FAILURE.flg"] file since no errors detected...
    [14:54:50.48][InactiveSP.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [14:54:50.49][InactiveSP.cmd]  [InactiveSP.cmd] has completed...
    [14:54:50.49][InactiveSP.cmd] **************************************************
    [14:54:50.76] [PANIC.cmd] going to reboot Windows...

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    I have gotten into trouble, when trying to follow all the guides and support from HP support. It started with unexpected restarts and the Blue screen with the text Critical Dead process. When this happend I scanned the computer to look for virus and malware - with both Windows scan - and my own scan (called Webroot). No troubles there. Then I reset my computer to an earlier version. For a while the computer were OK. But then the issue came back.

    I then followed all the suggestions that is there on my computer - with HP Support Manager. With no success. After many restarts I uninstalled many of program and rinsed my computer from all private files. I even did a Disk Cleaning...  but that didn't help either. All these health controls says that the computer is in good condition.


    Finally I choosed to RESET option that is built into the computer - the one that resets the whole thing back to factory settings..... But that didn't work at all - after this I just got the Boot Device couldn't be found message. 


    After this I have done all the steps on HP support page - reset Bios default - Hard reset (holding the power button 15 s) etc... But I still have the Boot Device issue. But I do not have a reset thing on a Flash USB or anything. I have now tried to find somthing to download and to put on a USB, but couldn't get this from HP. And now I am kind of lost...


    Can I fix a black screen (Boot device could'nt be found) with a tool or trick that could be found and download from the internet? I don't have a Reset or Recover Media... This is my question...




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    Dug out my old HP mini. Forgot password to recover it at boot. The System Fata Error code is CNU9376H7F. Please help

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  • 11/05/18--10:04: Notebook shuts down suddenly
  • Hello everyone,

    some months ago I started having a problem. The PC battery charged only until the 60-70% but the charging process was not continuous. In fact, the battery continuously unplugged itself from the current and never reached more that amount of charge. Furthermore, when using the PC only with the battery, it lasted only 10-15 minutes before shutting down suddenly. Now I bought a new battery and the process is always the same. It now arrives to 98% of charge and keeps showing the same behaviour (when connected to the AC adapter) and it lasts only a couple hours before shutting down, when the battery has arrives at around 45% of charge. I tried every tool proposed by HP (like the battery tests ecc) but nothing worked, even beacuse the battery and the adapters are classified as "OK". Is there anyone who had the same problem before? 

    Thanks in advance

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    HP Laptop notebook, running windows 10 64 bit, In the middle of typing (like just now) the pointer disappears to another field AND ALSO the computer just logs me OUT of current page, does NOT shut down just logs out of current page.


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    I get the message: The limit of physical media that can be ordered has been reached for this serial number; please consider the downloadable options from the list of available software & drivers.

    I don't have the disk anymore and need to get the recovery media somewhere. Is there a repository I can download it from?

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  • 11/05/18--16:43: BIOS PASSWORD
  • Hi I need a Bios passwoRd for my elitebook folio 9470m..pls

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    I just bought my envy laptop a few weeks ago but spilled a little filtered water ( about 1 and a half tablespoon or less) on the keyboard, trackpad and screen. I inverted the laptop, wiped all visanle water off, cut off the charger, and shut it off for about 2 hours. I even used a little card to go in between the groves of the keyboard to get out any water in there (there was none). Upon restarting it, i ran some diagnostic tests on power(battery), hardware(quick test), keyboard, trackpad, and audio, and all tests cane back as being passed. The laptop seems fine except some clicking and whiring noises (i'm unsure if this is normal). Other than that, the touch screen, keyboard, fan and everything else works fine, the computer doesn't overheat.  So, am i in the all clear? 

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  • 11/05/18--19:23: Bypass password
  • I found the Hewlett-Packard laptop in a dumpster with a broken screen. I brought it home and hooked it up to an external Monitor. I cant get passed the previous owners password. I tried to get it in safemode to no avail as the monitor goes to sleep. Help a lil old lady? Thank ya'll.

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    Why does my HP Envy 15 get so hot so quickly.  Very disappointing.

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  • 11/05/18--23:16: Windows Update
  • I want windows update but when i check for udate i get this massege (There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070422))

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    The laptop wont go on.Its new, but when connected to charger it shows the charging light


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  • 11/05/18--23:43: blueScreen Code:133
  • when i start my computer after 20-30 min a blue screen occurs stating dpc watchdog violation

    error code:133

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    Well I left my laptop working normally and return after one hour seeing that my laptop isn't working having to options either to turn off or to troubleshoot, and the day before it I just reset my laptop due to issues in internet connection and it was getting slower

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    I told u sir, windows 7 genuine version didnt or doesnt allow(unable) to shrink more than 1 drive ..I tried with usual theory meant disk management....i know that procedure but how can i add 2 more drives/disks in any other ways like using third party softwares or ur software or anything else * 750 GB HDD - am aware of viruses so that my data must be safe so i need more disks than C...Help me plz

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  • 11/06/18--03:56: Bluetooth issue
  • I recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10 and I cannot use bluetooth anymore. When I go to device manager the bluetooth section is no longer there like it was before. Are there any drivers I can install to fix the issue?

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    I have been following the steps that are listed on the forum. But the issue resolves after repeating the steps 3 - 4 times and the following day, the issue will arise again. How do I fix this?



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  • 11/06/18--06:08: Hp compaq c700 power key
  • Please help me :(

    System disable key number 51351567

    What the power on password ? :(

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    I have problems with my battery. When charging it says: "connected, not charging" somewhere around 50%-70% of being charged.  I tried some things that were posted on this site already but nothing worked (I dont have a removable battery):


    Then I used HP PC Hardware Diagnostics to test for failures and the battery didn't pass the scan. It showed this ID: 



    Does anyone know what to do next? Do I have to send my laptop away for reparation or can I fix it myself? (I really need my laptop and can't miss it for a couple of weeks)


    Hope you can help me!





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    After downloading windows 10 ISO from Microsoft I tried installing on my DOS da0077tx but just right after installing it it worked only for 15 mins and after shutdown it never switched onn as sceeen says (operating system nor found)

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