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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    I just got the pavilion x2 10-n111nd second hand (because I wasn't sure if these types of machines are beneficial to me).

    The guy that sold it, when clearing it of his data, must have accidently reinstalled the wrong windows instalation.


    This machine has a atom x5 8300 with 2gb of ram, and oringinaly came with 32 bit windows 10.

    But now it has 64 bit and the machine is slower and a lot of space is being used.


    I've tried installing a 32 bit iso, but it doesn't work. I don't understand why, it seems UEFI is blocking the usb from installing.

    Does anyone know how I'm able to get a 32 bit instalation on it?


    The machine has InsydeH2O as bios, you can select to stop using EUFI, but you can't select to use legacy.

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  • 11/03/18--15:49: HP Notebook CPU 100%
  • Hi!


    I have a HP Notebook W7B95UA with Windows 10.


    Recently, my cpu has been at 100% all the time. I'm not really good with computer but I've looked online and did the following:


    • I did a factory reset (which took 3 days)
    • I downloaded countless antivirus
    • I downloaded CCleaner
    • I defragmented my computer
    • I deleted all of my useless app

    I really don't know what to do more, my computer isn't hot or anything so I don't know if it's because it's overheating..

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help.

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  • 11/03/18--16:08: Quick test failure
  • My laotop got stuck in a repairing disk errors loop so I ran a quick rest. The hard drive short DST check failed. Please help

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  • 11/02/18--10:21: Bios bin W0H72PA#AB4
  • Bios bin W0H72PA#AB4

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  • 11/03/18--21:14: bios bin file for HP 8460w
  • Hi

    I need Bin file for HP 8460w ,  "6050a2398501-mb-a02 hstnn-190c" to program my bios laptop.

    plz help me !

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    How to solve critical services failed issue and how to recover data which is in E -drive.Im not done any back up.

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    New laptop, I was told it should be speedy enough when using it only for web search, creating word docs etc. But instead keeps freezing, typing without it responding. It is only about 1 month old but performance is very poor

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    I need to recover a folder from my previous Windows 7 before upgrading to Windows 10 Education. Before I upgraded, I sent a folder to Google Drive. But now I can only find the folder on Google Driver and all of the contents in that folder are missing and I can't find it on my HP g7 Pavilion laptop. The folder contained all of my school work. Now, I'm a Grad. Student and need my research material in that folder to graduate. Please help

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    Had computer for 2 months, were getting startup errors and lockups so tried for system recovery.  Got full disk error, free up disk space, message.  But, computer came with c drive full.  Recovery partition has 24G free.  can they be repartitioned to make it usable?

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    Hi Everyone, 


    I did a full reset of my laptop yesterday afternoon, I did this using the “reset this PC” through the recovery section of the update and security settings. I also selected the option to remove everything. This took probably 6 hours, during which it was stuck at 14% for about the last 4 hours. I then noticed a message appear on screen saying “the following configuration was requested for this computers TPM: clear TPM. Warning: clearing the TPM erases information stored on the TPM. You will lose all created keys and access to data encrypted by these keys. Press F1 to accept, Press F2 to reject”


    I’m not the most computer savvy, so is anyone able to advise what this means in simple terms? I tried to look it up last night but I am none the wiser, so I turned my pc off. (If I turn it back on the message still pops up) I’m not sure which option to select, I’m worried that if I clear the TPM it’s going to damage my computer somehow? 

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    Where do I find the "Maintenance and Service Guide" for HP 17-ak013dx ?

    I got one at  : 

          Maintenance and Service Guide
         HP Notebook PC (Intel)
                 Models: HP 17-x000 – 17-x099  
                 Models: HP 17-x100 – 17-x199

    But it is not the correct one

    If the 'x' is significant it should be probably be Models: HP 17-xx000 - 17-xx099 ?


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    Hi, I’ve recently have been reinstalling windows 10  on my laptop and the reinstalation is taking a very long time (15hrs+). Should I be worried or is this normal for gaming laptops to take this long?

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  • 11/04/18--06:07: Factory reset
  • How do i factory reset a laptop that a bought and do not have the password to get Into it? It will not bring up recovery manager when I press F11. 

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    I have an HP 15 F233wm that the hard drive failed on.  I replaced the hard drive without problem.  


    I had to order the recovery media from HP.  I did the recovery--- everything seemed to go well for about 30-40 min.  I was asked if I had a second recovery media for drivers-- I didn't-- and it said to skip.  After another 20 min of looking like it was being set up, I go an error saying the recovery failed and it had me save the log to a USB drive- which I did.  


    I tried a second time-- after deleting all partitions from the drive, and got the same error.  The log file is not helpful for me (I do not understand what they saved).


    I know the drive is good. When I first put the drive I installed Windows 7 from a full version I own--it worked fine-- but I could not find drivers, so I bought the recovery media from HP for about $50 


    I could not find anyplace on HP's site to ask for help and sumbit the log.


    Any ideas or advice would be helpful.  

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    My computer will only turn on when plugged in. When plugged in, computer automatically is turning on and off every second. Not staying on long enough to see anything on the screen. I cant get to reset or anything. Ive tried holding the power button for every amount of seconds to reset it and nothing works.

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  • 11/04/18--08:13: Bloqueo del equipo
  • Buen dìa etimados señores. deseo me ayuden a resuperar mi laptop robada o como podri bloquearla ya que tengo informacion importante de mi trabajo... le agradezco de antemano su pronta respuesta.


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    Around a month where I did shut down to my notebook there was update and shutdown instead of shutdown word. after I click it the update started till finished then the notebook shutdown.

    Next time when I try to use my note book this sentence appear : 

    Product Information not valid
    The Following product Information programmed Into the system board is missing or invalid.
    System Board (00A)-System Board CT Number
    Enter-Continue Startup
    For more information, please visit

    And then the desktop become black with disappear of taskbar.I cannot find any icon except basketball and also cannot connect to internet.

    I should restore my informations as soon as possible. I am waiting for your solving patiently.

    *Note: mynotebook on Windows 10

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    My laptop is not working as everything is removed because of factory reset .I have no back file. Is it possible to resolve this problem in HP service centre? Respond me please

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    First it went to a blue screen with troubleshooting options. Went thriugh all of the options and nothing worked. I left the battery out over night and turned it on this morning. Now it is showing a blank black screen after the HP loading icon.

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    My HP Pavilion 360 Notebook with Windows 10 Home, I would like to either. Convert to Windows 10 PRO spanish language which I have a valid paid license from a just broken HP desktop, or. To insert an Official Recovery HP USB Pen Drive which contents Windows 10 Home in Spanish.  Which option is the best in order to convert my Win10 Home in English to Spanish Language. Let me know folks.



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