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Notebook Operating System and Recovery topics

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    How to factory reset my HP notebook 15-bs663tu laptop?

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  • 11/02/18--02:24: System not fully configured
  • After I replaced my motherboard, at startup its showing, "Your system is not fully configured, please contact hp".

    Can anyone help me 

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    hi i have hp probook 430 g4 but i will forget the bios password.  now i can't install windows in this pc . when i will install the windows making partition section i will showing the problem.make partition it will showing 2048 gb i will change 500 gb hdd to new 500 gb we will see same problem . the i will change m2 2280 128 gb ssd i will see the same problem . any one know any solution for this problem. need to remove bios password also

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  • 11/02/18--08:01: PERFORMANCE ISSUE
  • HI,
















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  • 11/02/18--09:05: hp 250g6
  • i will ask what is wrong when my computer explodes so that the small icons disappear and resumes at full time

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    When I shutdown/hibernate/standby my laptop, it doesn't turn off completely .

     All programs will close (when shutdown or restart) and I think OS will close too.  If I press turn off button in windows , laptop turns off for  few seconds and than turns on . But  sometimes  the screen is black and only fan and power led stay on . When I

    hibarnate or standby , the laptop turn off and after 3 seconds it turns on . But if I press shutdown button on my  keyboard , only than it  turns off. 

    I tried  disabling Turn on fast start-up  and updating  IMEI driver ,   even tried  reinstalling  windows  and nothing helped . 

    Is there any other setting/software to check and solve my problem?


    Thank you in advance !!!!!

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    I recently inherted an HP laptop from my sister and the hard drive is incredibly slow. I suspect that this has something to do with clean Windows 10 installation that was performed on the machine, but I have no real way to confirm. The computer seems to be relatively stable other than the hard drive always being at 100% usage, no matter what. I would like to recovery the original Windows 8 installation to both restore the performance and restore the HP functionality that was lost with the upgrade (keyboard shortcuts, HP software). I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how to do that. Here are the details:


    • Windows 10 Home clean install with all recent updates that are available through Windows update
    • I see a partition for the HP recovery (a few GBs) still on the hard drive
    • There is no HP software on the current configuration that I can find
    • I can't seem to access to BIOS during start-up either, but I'm not terribly familiar with HP laptop configuration
    • There are no noticable issues with the laptop other than hard drive speed

    I won't have the laptop in front of me until later this evening, so I will respond to any follow-up questions at that time. Here are my basic goals in order of preference and I need help achieving either of these goals:


    1. Restore the laptop to factory settings.
    2. Repair the hard drive performance to normal operation (drivers update, restore access to BIOS to check settings).

    I have tried finding Windows 10 drivers for the chipset and other hardware but anything that I have tried has not corrected the performance issues. I have been able to install HP Support Assist but no other software seems to work with Windows 10 on this laptop. Again, I have not been able to access the BIOS. 


    Thanks for your help. 

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    I have done all the things that it says and still nothing  



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    I need help to how I can reboot windows on my laptop and get it back to normal :(  

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  • 11/02/18--10:37: Re: System Board (00A)
  • I have the same issue. I get the same message upon start up and the computer is running at a snails pace. I did the F1 on the computer and have the CT number. I have not changed any hardware or software on the computer so I don't understand why I am getting this message. The laptop is no longer under warranty. Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated.

    Thank you!!

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    Please help me. my laptops screen suddenly started shaking these past weeks after having no problems with it after 1 year after purchasing it. And the white horizontal lines appears associated with screen shaking and it will usually happens all the time after turning the computer on and the shaking happen instant from the first appearance of the hp logo and ever in bios..?

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    I am having a problem "pairing" MS Mouse 5000 with my laptop (I had to reinstall Win7 after a hard drive failure.  (I used a RETAIL distribution of Win7 bought directly from Microsoft, NOT the HP distribution).  Currently I am using the Microsoft driver.


    capture 1.PNG


    In Services, Bluetooth is set to Automatic Start and Local (password fields are blank)
    Under the Bluetooth Setting, the "Allow" box is checked as well as all of the other boxes. 




    The latest driver I can find is SP70190.  I did find this link from 2018 that references a newer (?) driver but there is no SP number associated with it.


    Is there a "better" driver than SP70190 ?

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  • 11/02/18--13:44: Recovery files
  • Hi , i have problem, i need my recovery files for windows 8 on my notebook. They are accidently deleted. It is possible to have it again? Thank you all.

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    Hi I have a brand new three day old HP Envy x360 convertible i7. I have used it for gaming over the past three days and it heats up within minutes and the fan is on constantly. Is this normal as I bought this product as it was advertised as specifically compatible with gaming although not a gaming laptop. Do I need to take it back to John Lewis or does everyone’s Envy do this. The laptop cost me £1200 so it wasn’t cheap.  I would be most grateful for any assistance. Thank you

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  • 11/02/18--14:38: administrator password
  • hello everybody.i have a HP 620,which has an administrator password in the BIOS.Please help with a password to unlock laptop is a NOTEBOOK HP 620 running WINDOWS 7 X86. [serial number removed].Thanks very much in advance.

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    Hi guys.

    HP offers through the HP assistant the following option.

    HP System Recovery .

    HP System Recovery is to reset the computer to its original factory shipped state.

    My question is the following. I bought the Computer withough operating system. does this recovery brings the notebook to the factory state  which are freeDos  or is it just a format?


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    So my grandma bought this notebook a while back and never used it so she decided to give it to me. The first issue is that she doesn't remember her account password only her PIN, so I can sign in but can't change much. We've done the password recovery but they wouldn't reset her account.


    Anyways, the real issue I'm posting about is that my c: drive constantly fills up almost to max even though I have no personal files on there. I've gone through every section of file explorer and deleted, moved, and compressed everything I could. I have run multiple disk checks that have said nothing is wrong. I've tried a few things I found on Google to type into the command prompt with no luck, I've tried shrinking other partitions to add size to the c: drive but couldn't shrink anything else, I've gone through the defragment and optimize app with no changes. I've tried pushing a few different buttons right when you turn the computer on ( I apologize for my uneducated computer terms) with no changes. I can't do a system recovery because there is not enough room on the drive. I can't do a factory reset because my grandma can't figure out her account password and for that same reason I can't make another admin account to bypass it.

    Are there any other options for this computer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I would add screenshots but have no memory to store them.

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  • 11/02/18--21:15: HP 15 ab153nr no boot
  • I have an hp laptop pavilion 15 ab153nr


    Recently acquired it. Installed a brand new HDD. And tried to boot using USB windows 10 installation image.


    It does not boot to USB. It just restarts.

    After many attempts. I pulled out the HDD. And connected it to my desktop and installed Windows 10. Partially. After it asks to remove the USB. I installed it back to the laptop and it should work and continue with the installation.

    But all it does is restarts to the HP logo over and over. 

    I am able to access bios and stay on as long as I want so it's not overheating issue.


    Any thoughts?

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    Got past the hp lockout.. now don't remember windows 7 password.. how to reset without software or disk.. 

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    Hi HP community,

    I have bought s new hp laptop which is kind of a low cost one around 400$.But it great for a guy like me. The laptop is a 4gb intel celeron processor with 500 hdd. It canpme with pre installed win 10 home single language.But win 10 home sucks.So i want to reinstall a new win 10 version may be pro or enterprise.i have a bootable sd card which i used for reinstalling earlier.So what should be the correct methods for installing it.What should be the correct boot  sequence order. 




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